2015 Musicians

1 Hour of Knock Knock Jokes will be telling knock knock jokes for an hour, with double bass accompaniment. Michael Smith will be telling the jokes, and Matt Lewis will be plucking a mean double bass.
712 N Tioga St • 4 PM

The 14 Strings! Cornell Rondalla plays traditional 14-stringed Filipino instruments, accompanied by Bass and Guitar. Most of the 14 stringed instruments are built locally by the founder of the group. We play Filipino folk dances, modern Filipino compositions, Western classical music, show tunes, and movie themes.
Facebook | Website
607 N Tioga St • 1 PM

3 Guitars 2 Mikes and Sometimes 1 Joe play guitar songs and anthems mostly from the 60’s and 70’s, even though only one Mike was alive when these songs were hip.
706 N Tioga St • 12 PM

4 Peet’s Sake ~ Acoustic Quartet spontaneously combusted at the Grassroots Band Contest. Allison Peet: Guitar, Fiddle; Beth Peet: Mandolin; Patty Codner: Guitar; Reka Wells: Bass ( Ma’am Jam cohort )
811 N Tioga St • 4 PM

5 Mile Drive delivers an energetic and eclectic mix of highly danceable, rock, and originals. Covering some familiar classics and deeper cuts from the 60s and 70s as well as some of the best in recent music, the band also drives home its own engaging and innovative songs.
Website | Facebook
702 N Aurora St • 2 PM

About a Harp is harp covers of mostly american folk rock from the 60s.
810 N Aurora st • 1 PM

The Accidentals are comprised of many Ithaca-area musicians. Amanda Massa and Mandy Goldman front the band with sexy, soulful vocals. The rhythm section holds it down with Joe Massa on guitar, Sterling Clarke on bass, Sam Lupowitz on keys, and Dan Collins on drums. And of course a funky soulful group like this one wouldn’t be complete without a rippin’ horn section – Bob McMahon on trumpet, TJ Schaper on trombone and Alec Staples on saxophone. This band will make sure to get your toes tapping and your hips swaying – mixing funk, soul and rock and having a great time all the way!
607 N Aurora St • 5 PM

Acoustic Rust is the guitar duo of Bugs and Kat, playing a blend of new and old folk, rock and indie music, with enough Neil Young tunes to stay true to the name. Tightly blended vocal harmonies and songs that will never fade away.
304 Utica St • 3 PM

Aidan O’Brien is a roots rock singer songwriter and guitarist. Aidan has been playing guitar since he attended the Grassroots festival at age 6.
432 N Tioga St • 1 PM

Alan Rose is the songwriter over the 12-String Edge! Sometimes the leader of the 9-piece band Alan Rose and the Restless Elements, he will be appearing solo at this year’s Porchfest. His songs will stick with you while you wander the neighborhood.
432 N Tioga St • 2 PM

Andrew Alling is a Singer Songwriter playing guitar, organ bass pedals and harmonicas. I’ve been gigging tons this year from Boston to Buffalo and just released another cd last January, Unladen by andrew alling.
511 N Aurora St • 12 PM

Angie Beeler and friends play original music composed by Angie Beeler, steeped in the traditions of Folk, Rock, and Americana. Powerful, beautiful and thought provoking songs held up by a fabulous group of local all stars.
Facebook | ReverbNation
1012 N Cayuga St • 3 PM

Anna Coogan is cutting edge guitarist and songwriter, performing with drummer Willie B, in their last performance before a month long overseas tour.
Facebook | Twitter
304 E Marshall St • 4 PM

Anthony Cubbage is a Jazz-pop/folk singer-songwriter (pianist/guitar player and singer) similar to the style of Jamie Cullum, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and Mumord & Sons. His goal is to bring jazz influence back into popular music with solo breaks and interesting chord progressions and incorporating folk roots as well.
SoundCloud | Facebook
144 Linn St • 4 PM

Art Club invites you to join the band! Come play around making sounds with handmade music makers….shakers and clangers, pluckers and twangers of all kinds!
523 N Aurora St • 2 PM

Arthur B. and the Planetary Mix – Alien Tomato Overlords scanned their favorite Earth-based R n B, Pop, Funk, and Soul sounds from the last 50 years, and entered the information into their supercomputer.  The resulting algorithms were encoded in platinum, gold, and other precious elements.  One summer night, as Arthur B. and his musician friends gathered for an al fresco dinner in the southside of Ithaca, NY, this precious stardust landed on their plates (Having been sprinkled from the sky by the ATO’s).  Now infused in the minds and DNA of Arthur B., Karen Wyatte, and other wayward members of the Planetary Mix, new songs have emerged:  At once cosmic but also, above all, filled with the most human of emotions.
210 E Marshall St • 4 PM

BadHand be a band, BadHand be a man. A one man rock band with bad bad hands. No man can understand how the BadHand do what them Bad hands can, but he do and they can.
112 Cascadilla Ave • 12 PM

Bert Scholl & Friends – if you don’t know Bert, he plays mainly original classic Honky Tonk and Outlaw Country with a rigor and authenticity not often found in these parts. With his deep, powerful baritone voice, Bert spins tales of murder, love, crime, pain, exhilaration and salvation. People swear they can smell traces of rawhide and gunsmoke wherever he plays.
Website | Facebook
912 N Cayuga St • 3 PM

The Better Barn Burning Bureau is a fun-loving, good time having, brother sister duo born from the depths of the Finger Lakes. Backed up by local sweethearts, they draw inspiration from hand-picked, foot stompin’ cover songs. This group is sweeter than strawberry wine.
513 Utica St • 3 PM

Beverly Stokes and Brooks Miner – a singer-songwriter with roots in the classical tradition, Beverly writes songs that embody “an extraordinary mixture of poetry and observation, a gentle lyricism that seems to arise simply, organically from [their] experience and observation.” Beverly will be joined by Brooks Miner on Wurlitzer and will share songs from their forthcoming album.
Website | Facebook | Twitter
304 E Marshall St • 1 PM

The Bibliographers play original post-9/11 mood rocktronica! Synergy and creativity flow from deep folds of the mind of these folks- Ben (guitar and vox), Paul (beats and bass), and Alex (keyboard and vox).
SoundCloud | Facebook | Website
713 N Cayuga St • 1 PM

Black is Green is an experimental rock group that showcases technical musicianship and intergalactic arrangements. Join them for post apocalyptic love songs and dark rhythmic mysteries.
527 N Aurora St • 5 PM

Blind Guide is an acoustic guitar group that plays covers, originals and plays jams to the style of anything and everything.
401 Willow Ave • 2 PM

Bridgewater is the folk duo of A.T. Miller and Craig Kukuk who play and sing traditional songs and hymns of the 19th century, singer/songwriters of the 20th century, and their original songs of the 21st century. They perform in tight harmony both a cappella and accompanied.
Website | ReverbNation
601 Willow Ave • 5 PM

Brodeur is a solo acoustic player who covers songs of new and old as well as original compositions. Velvet vocals with a fringe attitude.
119 First St • 5 PM

Brookton Bridge plays passionate & savory original folk-rock, with a positive vibe and a groovy beat. The combination of acoustic guitars, electric bass and congas creates a unique platform for the honest songwriting and vocals.
Website | Facebook
711 N Tioga St • 2 PM

Burns And Kristy are a slightly overweight middle aged short guy with his at one time hot, now suffering from hot flashes wife….and their smoking band. Band is Ron Kristy, Terry Burns, Janet Cotraccia, Rich DePaolo, Doug Robinson and Bill King. Come hear eclectic, original songs with great vocals and a fun, fun time!
116 Cascadilla Ave • 5 PM

Cap and Cady play old timey music porch style. Hailing from Ovid, they feature clawhammer banjo and mountain vocals.
710 N Aurora St • 3 PM

Casey Franklin has been entertaining herself with a guitar for many years and enjoys crooning to tall dark and handsomes when the occasion requires.
119 First St • 2 PM

Cats Elbow is an Americana pop rock band based in Interlaken, NY. Founded in 2011, the Elbows have been developing their unique blend of americana from the ground up. With influences that range from Lucinda Williams to Steve Earl, and Bad Company to Bad Finger, Cats Elbow has been weaving its distinctive vocal stylings and sweet harmonies into original pop-rock songs since the very beginning. Members include Davina Horrocks (vocals), Todd Edmonds (vocals, guitar), Andy Russell (guitar), Dan Lashkoff (percussion), Rob VanVleet (lead guitar), and Rick Kline (bass).
Website | Facebook
112 W Marshall St • 5 PM

Cayuga Chimes Women’s A Cappella Chorus sings upbeat tunes in 4-part harmony, with songs ranging from the 40’s through today. They have been entertainging audiences in the Ithaca area for over 30 years with their infectious energy.
404 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

Cielle and All Sounds On play all original music by singer-songwriter Catherine Layton. Alice Ploss and Edna Brown join her in tight 3-part harmonies. Rich Rasmussen, Robin Ploss and Tony Maranca round out the band on guitar, bass and flute.
714 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Colleen Kattau & Dos XX combines Colleen’s love for Latin and no frackin with Jane Zell’s blues born lead guitar and Connie Walters’s passion for world music. They won the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance band contest in 2013 and play throughout Central NY,
Facebook | YouTube
811 N Tioga St • 3 PM

Comfort Ave is an aggressive roots rock band that plays original songs by strummer and lead singer Elijah Cardona. Percussionist Melissa Murphy and bassist Senny Stevens provide deep, syncopated beats while lead guitarist Craig Frey weaves tonal textures on top.
203 Auburn St • 3 PM

Commons Crossing is a modern guitar and cello duo that features Alejandro Cortese (guitar and vocals) and Joe Sliker (cello). Their original music blends modern tones of indie folk and americana music.
110 Cascadilla Ave • 2 PM

Cookie Coogan is one of the region’s finest jazz singers. She plays with many different bands and also sings and plays piano as a soloist. She teaches CSMA’s Vocal Jazz FUNshop and private lessons at her home.
804 N Tioga St • 4 PM

The Cornell Gamelan Ensemble plays various styles of gamelan—the term for ensembles of bronze gongs and metallophones, with assorted other instruments—but focuses primarily on that from Central Java. Founded in 1972, it consists of Cornell students and faculty, as well as members from the Ithaca community and beyond.
318 Lake Ave • 12 PM

The Cornell Ukulele Club is a group of Cornell students who play a variety of music using mainly ukuleles. The club was established in 2011 and works to teach new players and spread music throughout the Cornell campus.
100 Franklin St • 1 PM

Craig Frey, acoustic classic rock.
203 Auburn St • 5 PM

Dana Twigg plays original music that has drawn comparison to Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt. Music that’s been played from Brooklyn to San Francisco to Austin and back.
215 Dey St • 5 PM

Danny Speer & Friends’ songs are jazzy, folky & swinging. He plays piano & guitar, Amara Steinkrauss helps him sing
Facebook | Website
714 N Cayuga St • 3 PM

The David Graybeard Band composes, arranges and performs acoustic blues and ballads. Our songs are from the heart, reflecting how we see the world, with a healthy dose of humor mixed in.
202 Utica St • 3 PM

Dexter Kozen, John Parker and Rebecca Sandler play classic pop/rock covers, a couple originals.
406 E Yates St • 3 PM

Diana Leigh, Ed Clute and Brian Earle play swinging standards and some lovely obscure jazz tunes they’ve unearthed. Diana’s sweet & sassy vocals along with Ed’s scintillating stride piano and Brian’s colorful clarinet will have you tapping your toes and dancing in the streets!
442 N Aurora St • 3 PM

Dickie Starfish Allstars are three dads with a lot of talent, and a young guy with a lot of moxie, and maybe some guests, doing covers you will enjoy.
406 E Marshall St • 4 PM

Djug Django will emerge from their regular Wednesday Lot 10 6-9 gig to play their irrepressibly fun and swinging vintage and original sounds for their fourth Porchfest!
219 Auburn St • 5 PM

DnT is an acoustic duo comprised of singer songwriters Drew Minson and Tracey Steinkamp Cucci. We play original songs in the style of Steve Earle, Neil Young, Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin. We’re known for Drew’s guitar, Tracey’s mandolin and our vocal harmonies.
202 Utica St • 2 PM

Doolin O’Dey is a Celtic/Contra inspired ensemble that features fiddles, pipes, whistles, piano, guitar, and mandolin, playing original and traditional tunes. THIS YEAR, THEIR NEW ALBUM, “DOOLIN O’DEY AND FRIENDS”, WAS NOMINATED FOR A S.A.M.M.Y AWARD!!!!! Members Nora Starr, Jerry Drumheller, Susan Murphy have been playing Finger Lakes concerts and dances for 5 years…now joined by Ellie Good and Joe Prusch!
102 Hancock St • 2 PM

eCoArise: This music reflects my personal journey as a husband, dad, Earth healer, and human deeply passionate about connecting our past, present and hopeful future. These songs hopefully touch a vein from the collective unconscious, bringing to light words and emotions that each of us knows, yet many have forgotten.
611 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

Ella Sarachan is an Ithaca College student who will be singing in her fifth Porchfest. She sings jazz tunes, primarily from the Great American Songbook, and is backed up by Professor Tuesdays Jazz Quartet.
1112 N Tioga St • 1 PM

ephemera is an a capella improv group, making music for the moment, of the moment. we have been singing together since 2009 and quite honestly never know what is going to come out of our mouths. come see for yourself.
919 N Tioga St • 3 PM

The Fall Creek Bluegrass Partners will entertain you with bluegrass-music originals and favorites sung in harmony and played on banjo, guitar, dobro, bass, and fiddle.
306 E Yates St • 12 PM

Fall Creek Brass Band – enjoy hip-hop, funk, rock, and traditional New Orleans tunes with the Fall Creek Brass Band. This is our first gig since the release of our second album back in 2011 and we are excited to debut some new members and hopefully some new tunes as well!
BandCamp | Facebook
432 N Tioga St • 12 PM

Fall Creek Fiddlers are the violin students of Sarah Cummings; they range in age from five to fiftysomething. Beginner through seasoned players will share the joy they experience on their instrument each day by playing favorites from the Suzuki violin repertoire as well as fiddle tunes from around the world.
1106 N Cayuga St • 1 PM

The Fall Crikkers Jug Band has played every Porchfest, bringing their original and fun songs from several surprising sources, with the help of many friends!
219 Auburn St • 3 PM

Geoclipse is a baritone alt. folk singer-songwriter. Some lyrical themes are: Tolkienian nature-industy war, dystopian blues, high fantasy, psychosis, and monsters. Most likely to be an acoustic guitar set, but new keyboard material may debut.
ReverbNation (Geoclipse) | ReverbNation (George Prounis) | ReverbNation (Geogenesis) | Facebook
412 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Geronimo Line draws from a variety of influences and genres, including Spaghetti Western, reggae, folk, grunge, 80s pop, and African groove.
511 N Aurora St • 3 PM

Glacial Erotics play original “rock” music. Character sketches, the American condition, the human condition. The songs are literate, irreverent, off-color, funky, satirical and fun.
421 N Aurora St • 2 PM

GoGone is a regular on the club and festival circuit in the Finger Lakes region. They play original roots, rock & blues; capturing songs of love, far away places, and the always changing human condition.
912 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

The Grady Girls, a band of sisters and cousins, grew up in Ithaca but connect back to their family’s roots in Ireland bringing Ithaca sweet melodies and rhythms to get your feet moving: raw Irish trad.
105 Second St • 12 PM

Grassanova returns to Porchfest with our usual eclectic mix: Hank Williams to Pink Floyd, Bill Monroe to Jerry Garcia, and many more. Tom and Marie Quigley hold down the vocals while Dave Richman rocks his guitar and Paul Fairbanks drives home his 5 string. Check us out AND visit Barbara Mink’s amazing Art Gallery at 614 N.Cayuga Street an hour before and after we play!
Website | Facebook
614 N Cayuga St • 12 PM

Grey Wolf Band brings back 50’s,60’s and 70’s danceable Blues,Rock, and Country hits of BB King, Elvis, Ray Charles, and Bill Withers. Bob Eller offers soulful vocals backed by guitarists Larry Real and Mitch Wiedemann, drummer Melanie Uhlir, and bassist Phil Jackson.
Facebook | Website
309 Utica St • 4 PM

Group Therapy: An interesting cast of characters with an amazing portfolio of music from original pieces to country, heartland rock, ballads, bluegrass, blues, folk and even some old school rock n roll. The unifying factor that makes it all work is the talent and spin applied to each song by the artists. Casey Pendleton talented singer, guitarist and composer along with John Robato, singer, composer and guitarist bring a staggeringly deep combined portfolio of fun and interesting songs. Mark Eginton adds context and texture with Dobro and Steel guitar while Joe Ottati tends to the heart and soul of the band with a solid and unique approach to stand-up bass. We use the term parlor band since we don’t practice as such, we sincerely enjoy to playing together which adds a fun spin to good music…
306 E Yates St • 5 PM

The Gunpoets is a seven-piece hip hop band. They engage audiences with an exciting live performance that exhilarates as much as it inspires. Their catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and powerful message will stay with you long after you leave the dance floor.
502 Linn St • 5 PM

HAL & Friends play a mix of grunge, folk, psychedelic, punk, rock, and roll music for you to enjoy. Influenced by Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd, among others, HAL has been writing and performing songs for a very long time. This will be HAL’s 2nd time performing at PorchFest in Ithaca and the first time with a small backing band.
814 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Harry Nichols Band is an indie rock quartet specializing in addictive melodies, beachy arranging and general shenanigans. For Porchfest, they’re taking it down a notch for a special acoustic set. It’ll be delicious and nutritious.
206 E Lewis St • 2 PM

Head Band is a 4-piece guitar-driven musical adventure, drawing on influences from soul, funk, rock and jazz. Band members are Tom Sayers – guitar and keys, Tom Covell – guitar, Scott Pardee – Bass and Ryan Silvernail on drums. America is still free. Come roll with Head Band down the open road. Sounds best with Headband on!
511 N Aurora St • 4 PM

The Hilltoppers play eclectic bluegrass music the way everybody likes it. They create a bluegrass sound uniquely their own which has won over fans from Virginia to Central NY. The Hilltoppers mix traditional bluegrass standards with songs from The Allman Brothers, Greatful Dead, Stones, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and more.
Facebook | ReverbNation
710 N Aurora St • 5 PM

Honky Tonk Hindooz play an eclectic mix of psychedelic garage country and weirdo rock n roll oldies. With Hank on the upright bass, Holly on the chest organ, and Horatio on the gitfiddle, they cover everything from Cash to Clash, Stones to Owens, and Gram to Sam.
Website | Facebook
912 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

ICO Brass Quintet are brass players of the Ithaca Community Orchestra who play a wide range of music: classical, marches, overtures, folk song suites, musical soundtracks, jazz and ragtime. Formed in 2009, the ICO Brass Quintet has played concerts around town, including Cayuga Ridge, the Unitarian Church, Center Ithaca, Barnes & Noble, Autumn Leaves, TCPL, Ulysses Philomathic Library, Newfield Bicentennial Celebration, Finger Lakes Finns’ Midsummer event, Spencer Christ the King Presbyterian Church 200th Anniversary Concert and PorchFests 2012-14.
ICO Brass Quintet
711 N Tioga St • 1 PM

Immortal Jellyfish perform an eclectic variety of memorable songs from the 1950’s to now. With strong vocals by Kat Patton, exciting guitar riffs from Mike Vitucci, the silver sax of Ken Zeserson, Eric Ott’s smooth bass and Dan Lashkoff dancing on the drums, they cover a mix of jazz, country, Americana, rock and blues. Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt and more, with some Eric Clapton thrown in for good measure. A favorite band of the Ithaca music scene.
612 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Ithaca Cats are father-daughter duo Rob and Robin Steuteville performing folk and bluegrass tunes with harmony vocals accompanied by accoustic bass and guitar.
218 Utica St • 3 PM

ithaca Free concerts (iFc) is a concert series that offers free, live classical music to Ithaca’s children and families. iFc was established in 2009 by cellist, Zachary Sweet, and incorporates Ithaca’s finest musicians, artists and performers with the purpose of making high quality, live music accessible to all families and children, without the expectation of money or formalities. Some of Ithaca’s favorite cellists, including Liz Simkin, Zachary Sweet, Sera Smolen, Chris White and Christine Lowe-Diemecke are gathering at Porchfest for some great music for cello ensemble. Selections will include traditional and popular repertoire alike.
611 N Cayuga St • 3 PM

The Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus sings a variety of music: Broadway tunes, traditional gay chorus numbers, barbershop, classical, pop tunes and more. We perform in and around Tompkins County, for various organizations, for weddings and special events. We rehearse and perform at the First Baptist Church, this season with concerts on 10/31/15 /and 1/24/16 and 4/02/2016.
Website | Facebook
920 N Tioga St • 2 PM

The IthaCats are a three piece band performing traditional Rockabilly.
1301 N Cayuga St • 12 PM

IthaSAMBAca plays sambas and choros from Brazil’s mid-century past. Drawn by a mutual love of Brazilian music and culture, most of our small group have played together for years.
814 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Janet Batch is back in the saddle with some new tunes and a new drummer. Clever lyrics, smooth swing, and sweet harmonies will keep your toes tapping. Janet Batch (The Voice of the Hills), Jen Cork (Jen Cork and The Good Hope), Trevor Thorpe (Big Upstate) Matt Cowan (Howl Studios extraordinaire).
909 N Cayuga St • 1 PM

Jay Street Quartet is a string quartet that plays music you might hear on your Pandora Station, if that station was set to random. We span the music timeline finding gems you might hear in Mozart’s apartments in Vienna, or playing from the car stereo driving down the street. Keep your ears pealed and we’ll see who can name that tune.
917 N Cayuga St • 12 PM

The JazzHappensBand is a 7-piece traditional jazz band complete with banjo and tuba, playing and singing standards from a hundred years ago.
100 Franklin St • 4 PM

Jessie Gray‘s influences range from Bonnie Raitt, Jade Castrinos, and Billie Holliday, to Julia Stone and Laura Marling.
514 N Aurora St • 2 PM

John Reeser – although he only plays covers, John will most likely introduce you to songs that you’ve never heard before. He plays songs from artists such as Jeff Buckley, Jason Mraz, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Regina Spektor, Huffamoose, and lesser-knowns. Come for the upbeat folk-y tunes and stay for the brooding introspection.
112 E York St • 4 PM

Johnny Dowd, King of Country-Noir needs no introduction. Rare chance to see Johnny play on a porch!
304 E Marshall St • 2 PM

Jon Kaplan is an acoustic singer-songwriter who made his name in the DC area before recently moving to Ithaca.
912 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Joni Jukebox is Sue Tierney McNamara, founder of the Guitar and Piano Database at JoniMitchell.com. Sue will sing as many Joni Mitchell songs as possible, and will also take requests.
207 Adams St • 2 PM

Josh Dolan – from the ashes Josh has pulled songs of heartache and woe stirred them together with a hearty mix of American favorites from hank Williams and Johnny Cash and melded this all into a debits stingily lush soundscape that will tear your heart out.
119 First St • 3 PM

Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis is a recently-emerged soul-rock band, headed by Julia Felice’s smoky lead vocals and backed by the rock and blues stylings of members Harry Nichols, Sam Lupowicz, Joe Massa, and Julian Dalton.
705 N Aurora St • 1 PM

KillingHerMemory writes songs about the trials and tribulations of love, life and loss. KillingHerMemory is that guy with the acoustic guitar at the campfire that is only playing to hear himself sing.
309 Utica St • 2 PM

Kitestring is a versatile acoustic rock band from upstate New York that plays original music with influences from 90’s Alternative, Americana, and Soul. Equally well-suited to provide intimate stripped down rock music or fill a room with danceable tunes and full harmonies, Kitestring has performed across central New York. The songwriting explores the normal and sometimes mundane aspects of life and relationships and finds magic in the small moments.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
706 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

Laila Belle plays all original, sweet and classic country music, that rocks as much as it rolls. Amy Puryear leads the way with the voice of a true country darling, while Ward Puryear and Jason Shegogue weave the groove on their electric and lap steel guitars. Brian Williams holds it all down on the stand up bass, and the drummer extraordinaire is TBA. McKenzie Jones-Rounds will be singing background vocals.
Website | Facebook
Thompson Park • 5 PM

Laura Peters is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter who explores the terrain of folk, rock, blues, jazz, r and b, and Americana.
114 Cascadilla Ave • 3 PM

Lynn Wiles and Angie Beeler Duo have been playing together for over two years, touring locally and performing for all kinds of crowds. Their music is as rich as it is tantalizing, with an element of play that must be caught in action.
1012 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Mad Cow Tippers is a high energy trio performing humorous original Cow Punk, Alt Country and Rockabilly. If you’re into the trailer park lifestyle; not afraid to date your kin; and remain faithfully unemployed, Mad Cow Tippers may have the soundtrack that your life’s been looking for!
Facebook | Website
1301 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Mad Goat is a 6-piece southern-style stringband with hot dance tunes and close harmony songs. Fiddlers Jaden Gladstone and Peter Fraissinet cut a rug with Joe Hayward (banjo), Tom Ruscitti (mandolin), Marianne Marsh (guitar) & Nancy Spero (upright bass). Marianne, Joe & Peter love the close harmonies of trad & country songs old & new.
615 N Utica ST • 2 PM

Mad Jamblers are Saturday night rock n’ roll featuring mostly original music. Beautiful lead vocals from Emily Gustafson, soaring guitar sounds from A.Jay Zahn, with the cool bass lines of Henry Smith joining the powerful rhythm of Brian Witchey on drums, all held nicely together by the keys of Jim Mirabito.
108 Auburn St • 3 PM

Maplewood Jazz Team enjoys playing jazz standards and bossa novas. They also add in contemporary tunes and even a country song. Definitely worth a visit for a dance!
917 N Aurora • 2 PM

Marc Berger plays selections from RIDE, a thematic album of songs all connected to the romance of the American West. With Marc on guitar and Harmonica, Rich DePaolo on Guitar and John Young on upright Bass.
611 N Aurora • 3 PM

Mary Bentley and her pals are Mary Bentley, Rosie Rosenthal and Michael Wellen, a newly formed trio of guitar bass and drums from our own West Hill here in Ithaca. They play a wide range of folk based music with a lot of grit and a large vocal. This is the third Porchfest for Mary and Rosie and one of their very favorite Ithaca events.
301 Lincon St • 4 PM

Mary Lorson has fronted Madder Rose, Saint Low, and the Soubrettes, has sung backup for Tanya Donelly, Willard Grant Conspiracy, and Jennie Stearns. She creates original score music for film and tv as well. Her latest project is a performance memoir, “Signals,” mixing songs, visuals and stories.
304 E Marshall St • 12 PM

Mathew Roth – described as somber, dreamy, and magical, his music will still your mind and carry you far away. Expect to hear solo piano, and to-be-determined accompaniment on violin/cello/and or vocals.
202 Utica St • 4 PM

Maud Powell & the Ites are Suzuki trained violinists and friends playing music from all ages.
520 N Tioga St • 3 PM

Mike Treat & Friends – Mike Treat is a local music teacher and trumpet player who has long been passionate about the jazz tradition. Mike is joined by other area musicians to play original and standard repertoire in the jazz and blues vein.
1112 N Tioga St • 2 PM

Miss Angie’s Music Hour – get ready to wiggle, stomp and shake. Miss Angie’s original tunes are for kids to eat up, YUM! There may be parachutes, puppets,and drums. There will be awesome fun with interactive kid friendly tunes that the whole family can dig!
1012 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Misses Bitches is a powerful female fronted folk punk-rock band from Ithaca. Our music is willful, yet warm and inviting with haunting three part harmonies and a driving rhythm.
BandCamp | Facebook
219 Linn St • 5 PM

The Mockingbeards are a 4-piece, mainly acoustic, mainly folk band featuring guitars, mandolin, and fiddle. They play a wide range of covers from the traditional and modern realms as well as originals from the band’s numberous songwriters.
BandCamp | Facebook
104 Adams St • 12 PM

Moment Generator is a revised version of last year’s surf-style band playing more improvisational tunes based on variable influences.
716 N Aurora St • 4 PM

The MonkeySquids are back with their alt/rock/punk covers. Brothers Jasper and Declan, and brothers Quinn and Aiden rock the music of Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. Performing together since elementary school, The MonkeySquids are proud to be a part of Porchfest for the fourth year.
422 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Moon Tuna is a grooving jam band from Ithaca College.
313 Farm St • 3 PM

Mosaic Foundation is forward thinking reggae that stays true to the roots. Formed in 2009 and based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, the band has grown a loyal following. Blending roots, ska, dub, dance-hall and beyond, Mosaic is an exploration in reggae that is pushed to the limits and sometimes spills over. With lyrics that inspire dancing in the moment, and activate the mind in reflection, the songs encourage positivity, sustainable living and community.
Website | Facebook
513 Utica St • 5 PM

Nate & Kate – for the past 9 years and through over 1,100 performances, Nate & Kate have developed their unique vaudeville-inspired variety folk duo show. Featuring cello, guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano, harmony vocals, funny to poignant original songs, sing-along favorites, and hilariously impressive musical juggling routines, the duo does its best to balance entertainment value and artistry. They also offer “The Nate & Kate Kids Show” for younger audiences. See and hear more at www.nateandkate.com!
Website | Facebook
115 Auburn St • 5 PM

NBR (No Blood Relation) is two fathers-in-law (Jim and Charlie) and their respective sons-in-law (Matt and Trevor) who play songs by The Band, Dylan, and a variety of other traditional and contemporary folk-rock artists. The band includes guitars and mandolin, with the occasional banjo on a song or two. This is their second appearance at Porchfest, so stop by and check out the show!
108 Farm St • 2 PM

NEO Project – A former music director for national touring acts invited 6 talented musicians to collaborate in building a tantalizing & powerful musical energy. NEO Project inspires its listeners to dance to some of the best funk soul jazz music available with their own unique twist. Soulful energized feel good music for your body, mind & soul.
104 Adams St • 2 PM

The Nepotist is Chris and Hayden Frank layering brotherly harmonies over deep, soulful grooves. Imagine D’angelo, The Black Keys, and James Blake having an afternoon jam session with wine and friends, then add some porch.
Website | Facebook
413 Auburn St • 5 PM

Not From Wisconsin is pop music with serious edge. A combination of singer-songwriter sensibilities, classical training, and an injection of indie rock – the ensemble sound of NFW is truly unique and diverse. String arrangements swell around somber lyrics, buttressing compact song structures.
Website | Facebook
206 E Jay St • 4 PM

Oliver St John is a local singer-songwriter who has called many places home, picking up instruments and ideas at every step. Today, he calls Ithaca home, the city’s passion for music fitting perfectly with his own.
306 N Aurora St • 1 PM

Olivia Wen sings Chinese folk songs (‘90 – early ’00) accompanied with guitar. She has played a number of instruments, such as flute, guitar, steel drum, harp, organ, and piano. She found singing while playing guitar most therapeutic and satisfying.
412 N Cayuga St • 12 PM

Palonegro’s repertoire spans from traditional South American Andean music to Afro-Caribbean music and Latin Jazz. Members include Cornell Grad Students Sergio Ospina (piano), Zac Manchester (bass), Anaar Desai-Stephens (violin), and Jordan Musser (drums), with special appearances of Ithaca’s prime accordionist Dominic Versage and singer Martha Mateus.
814 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

The Pelotones instrumentation is: two guitars, acoustic bass, drums, and vocals. Styled in the Nat King Cole, T-Bone Walker, jazz/r&b idiom and very danceable. Just released a CD of original songs that can be had on our website, CD Baby, wherever we play, etc…
BandCamp | Facebook
611 N Aurora St • 1 PM

Pierce Walsh plays thoughtful poetry from his life, sung with reckless abandon, and total commitment. Pierce writes the songs and puts them to music with guitar and a clear honest voice. He is at times, and this is most likely one such time, accompanied and backed up by a musical friends or two.
519 Willow Ave • 3 PM

PIPERVENTILATORS is a weekly gathering of fiddlers, pipes, whistles, bodhrans, mandolins, flutes, even hammer dulcimers! Come join the circle of traditional Irish tunes lead by group members—-always spontaneous….always keeps you on your toes while your toes are tapping!
102 Hancock St • 1 PM

Polly Wood / Ken Kennel – Polly’s sound of original songs w/ drums have been called ‘Soulful, Feminine Rhythm & Rhyme’ and ‘Appalachian Jazz Percussion’. Ken hails from the Hawaii-based R & B band, Mojo Gumbo, bringing with him some Latin-flavored Americana.
Website | CDbaby
1101 N Cayuga St • 2 PM

Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet– playing fun, mainstream jazz, has been playing every Tuesday in Ithaca since 2010, and features Peter Forlano on sax, Jerry Hilliker on guitar, John Sanderson on drums and Robert Sarachan on bass. Currently PTJQ plays in Ithaca every Tuesday evening at Corks & More (7-9 pm) as well as other gigs throughout the area.
1112 N Tioga St • 12 PM

The Purple Valley is a six piece band from the hills of the Ithaca area and specializes in playing music for dancers. We feature female/male vocal harmonies with tunes from a wide variety of genres and have toured the Finger Lakes area for over 20 years playing at all kinds of venues.
1103 N Cayuga St • 3 PM

Rainshine and Sunbows delivers an eclectic mix of African, Latin, Folk and original music via an infusion of drums, ukelele, whistles, harmonica, guitar, hand percussion, and funky vocal harmonies.
310 Utica St • 1 PM

Red Sled Choir is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Gordon making many-layered experimental folk collage-songs out of casio, bells, banjo, voice, sampler and a slew of noisemakers.
BandCamp | YouTube
119 First St • 4 PM

Redrail Rider is a songwriting collaboration between Corbin Miller, Todd Jones, and Marty Farchione. They take broad influences from rock, power pop, and folk music.
706 N Cayuga St • 5 PM

Residual Blue is a five-piece indie punk band with influences ranging from old-school punk to modern indie and power pop.
112 W Yates St • 4 PM

Rhymes With Aidan musicians Jon Kaplan and Janelle Alvstad-Mattson are parents who know kids love good music. Their set will consist of family friendly covers including Grammy-winning children’s music, pop classics and Americana. There may be dancing, and there will definitely be some singing along. Jon Kaplan can be found around town and running open mic at Agava Restaurant on Mondays. Janelle runs www.ithacafamilyfun.info
110 W Marshall St • 4 PM

Rich Recchia – Singer/percussionist/guitarist Rich Recchia plays an entertaining combination of originals, song parodies and songs from the golden age of vinyl.
106 E Yates St • 5 PM

Richie Holtz has been playing songs and tunes with friends for years, and he has been the backbone of a monthly sing get-together for the last 22 years.
307 Auburn St • 3 PM

Road Man is the solo project of Jon Petronzio (John Browns Body, Black Castle, Revision) and although the group is somewhat new, JP has gathered some of the best musicians in the Ithaca area to help execute this powerful blend of funk and reggae! The groups debut album entitled “Light At the Speed of Life” is currently being considered for a Grammy. Don’t miss this set!
Website | Twitter
513 Utica St • 2 PM

Rockwood Ferry is the name of singer-songwriter Tenzin Chopak’s ensemble. Reviewers have referred to his work as “progressive chamber folk”, while audiences and critics have praised performances as “incandescent”, “mesmerizing”, and “stunningly beautiful”.
Website | Facebook
513 Willow Ave • 4 PM

Ruddy Well Band – a homegrown entity formed in Syracuse, the Ruddy Well Band has emerged as one of Central New York’s premier performing string bands. A finely-crafted combination of dynamic rhythms, tight harmonies, and mindful lyrics – the five acoustic instrumentalists bring their audience fun, foot-stomping Americana.
105 W Falls St • 3 PM

Ryan Vanderhoof is a guitarist/songwriter playing moonray induced minimalist original music.
450 N Aurora St • 12 PM

The Second Street String Band consists of folk from Ithaca and Syracuse who enjoy playing Southern old time fiddle tunes together on fiddles, banjo, banjo uke, acoustic bass, and guitar.
202 Second St • 1 PM

Seneca St Recorder Ensemble members gather at the Clinton House Saturday mornings to share their love of playing recorder together. The ensemble is led by Barbara Kaufman and enthusiastically welcomes new experienced players!
908 N Cayuga St • 12 PM

Singledowt is a new teen rock and roll trio playing original tunes and covers. Dancin, Jack, and Honor are a perfect blend of rock, reggae, and jam.
117 Farm St • 5 PM

Sixteen Feathers plays folk-rock, alt.country, and acoustic blues.
515 N Tioga St • 5 PM

The Small Kings have been playing original rock and roots music together for more than a decade. Emphasizing harmony, melody, and instrumental jams, these long time friends love making music together. Featuring Frank Raponi, Jeff McCaffrey, Mike Levy, and Joel Blizzard.
Website | Facebook
112 W Marshall St • 1 PM

Songwriter’s Cocoon Showcase – songwriting and music composition are explored together by this group of musicians who came together to share their knowledge and experience.
307 Auburn St • 12 PM

Spacetrain is a 4 piece rock band, kicking it on the world music side for some front porch fun. Come see us for danceable beats, guitar melodies, vocal harmonies and amazing front porch decor.
Website | Facebook
607-609 N Aurora St • 12 PM

Stan Stewart is a songwriter and improviser who is a recent arrival in Ithaca. ForPorchFest, he’s performing a set of songs that are targeted for an album to be released in early 2016. Check out his web site to learn more about Stan and his music: http://muz4now.com/
306 N Aurora St • 1 PM

Stone Cold Miracle is an Ithaca soul band featuring vocal powerhouse LaTrece Stevenson backed by several veterans of the local music scene. Theirs is the sound of original soul music founded in deep grooves, funky beats, and gospel-inspired vocals.
112 W Marshall St • 3 PM

Sum Dude & … – Original folk/rock that occasionally funks. Sum Dude (Ross) is a Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitar player who shares songs wrought through the phases of love: love sought, love found, love lived, love lost – love lessons, so to speak (while his guitar gently weeps and wails). The “&” varies from names you know to those you will.
ReverbNation | Facebook
117 Farm St • 1 PM

Sundown Sally is a 4-piece Alt-Country band performing original music. Drawing on strong influences of classic country and folk to rock-n-roll and pop, Sundown Sally traverses over these and back again, offering energizing, live performances that leave your heart bellowing with song. Expansive and building ballads belting of love lust, love lost and love longing are fresh, yet familiar.
Website | Facebook
423 E Lincoln St • 5 PM

Sunny Weather’s goal: tap the music that is in the stars, play with it for a while and then set it free again..
507 Utica St • 4 PM

SuP is a groove punk band formed at the Rochester Institute of Technology in August 2013. Short for Subjective Perspective, SuP has brought rock music to the party scene at RIT for two years.
Facebook | Twitter
417 Utica St • 1 PM

A Super Mario Story – Inspired by one of Nintendo’s most enduring and influential video games, “A Super Mario Story” will debut at Porchfest this year! Follow Mario, Luigi, Toad & Princess Toadstool on an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat the (maybe) evil Bowser. This narrated story is accompanied by Koji Kondo’s original music, arranged for saxophone trio.
104 Adams St • 1 PM

Suzuki Violins is Suzuki kids playing tunes
206 E Jay St • 12 PM

The Sweats are a 5 piece alt-country love rock experience. The drummer and keyboardist have lived and played music together on Cascadilla Street for 12 glorious years.
115 Cascadilla St • 1 PM

The Third Story Band has been gigging in the Ithaca and Elmira area for about two years. We are a dance band, and hope you’ll move your feet. We play a range of classic rock covers from the 60’s through 90’s.
Facebook | SoundCloud
210 Utica St • 1 PM

Timothy Weber writes and sings his own contemplative songs about love and family and spirit and water.
510 Linn St • 4 PM

Tiny Rebellions is a movement based collective using movement and voice to investigate the identities we wear. With movements, sound and ball gowns!
Thompson Park • 12 PM

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen – singer-songwriter, guitarist Tom Mank and improvising cellist Sera Smolen have toured Northern Europe 9 times with their original Americana, Folk, and Blues. Plus special guests.
Website | BandCamp
314 Utica St • 5 PM

The Town Squares – Luke G, Tenor & Joe Hay on punk doowop oldies w/ 3-part harmonies. Special guest: Jackson.
610 N Aurora St • 4 PM

Transdimensional Microwave are a Rockin’ Tween Cover Band! Featuring Queen, Survivor, and more! Ya open the fridge, ya take out the food, ya put the food in the microwave, and let that baby cook.
119 Farm St • 12 PM

TRAONACH was formed in the late 1990s from the long-standing Irish Traditional Session in Ithaca, and has been performing to great acclaim ever since. Having just released their third CD, TRAONACH is currently Ed McGowan(fiddle), Mark Bickford(concertina, accordian, banjo), Tim Ball(fiddle), Harry Lawless (bouzouki), Cole Gruberth(flute, whistle), and Scott Whitham( fiddle, bodhran).
304 Linn St • 12 PM

Travis Knapp is singer of uplifting original acoustic folk-soul songs. His clawhammer banjo and kalimba add to the optimistic vibe, and he is often joined by string bass, harmonica, guitar, and harmony singers.
519 Willow Ave • 1 PM

Tyrannical Vegetable is a sprawling garage band that plays mostly covers. We have horns and accordions and possibly mandolins. And sometimes shiny pants.
720 N Aurora St • 2 PM

Ukulele and Hula Showcase – the little ‘ukulele climbs ev’ry mountain, fords every stream, exalts every valley. Showcase for Ithaca Ukes, solo & ensemble. With dancers from Hula Hut Polynesian Dance troupe
YouTube 1 | YouTube 2
204 W Yates St • 12 PM

Ukulelese as a Second Language – pluck a uke from Auntie Emo’s garden of ukuleles & learn to pluck n strum it. Beginners welcome
204 W Yates St • 4 PM

Uncarved Blockheads were born on a porch in Cackalacky, and have since played porches up and down the coast. In fact, they mostly only play porches. Join Pebo, Trick, Jay-Oh, the Professor, and MistaWigaboom to find out what happens when they mix washboard, ukelele, guitar, and Hammond organ.
811 N Tioga St • 1 PM

Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers is a fiddle and banjo driven string band playing old time songs and northern tunes from before you were born. Come join the hootenanny, share a dram of whiskey, kick up your heels and swing your partner round with Joe Chicone, Renee Baum, Robin Ploss and Mike Charnoky
222 E Falls St • 3 PM

Uniit’s gentle voice and guitar will massage your ears and tune your heart to its rhythm. This music has the power to heal. Open your heart to this honest and soulful set and let it come running in. You’ll be glad you did.
308 Lake Ave • 1 PM

UUUU welcomes Ukulele (and other instrument) players of all levels to kindle the joy of making music in service of building community and having fun.
306 N Aurora St • 12 PM

¡Viva Mayhem! is a high-energy ska/punk band that covers songs from Reel Big Fish, Sublime with Rome, and Mighty, Mighty Bosstones. This 7-piece group loves to surprise the crowd with a fresh take on a popular hit, and show off their repertoire of original music that will get you dancing!
Website | Facebook
104 Adams St • 4 PM

Wheatley Matthews – growing up in a small town just north of Dayton, OH, Wheatley made his first solo appearance in spring of 2014. With musical influences from the old delta blues era to the early songwriting of the folk movement, Wheatley Matthews tells stories in the only way he knows how. Through strong guitar chords, big harp sounds and mountains of lyrics he attempts to paint an image in the listener’s head with personal, metaphorical & truthful words.
511 N Aurora St • 1 PM

Whippoorwillow features three part harmonies, blues influenced guitar, rock infused mandolin, clawhammer banjo, and classically trained upright bass. Bluegrass favorites, original music, and a mix of popular songs spanning many decades and styles.
Facebook | BandCamp
423 E Lincoln St • 2 PM

Whistlin’ Dyl’s Wild Cowboys plays Dyl’s original hillbilly soul songs of thumpers, slow country, Texas waltzes and Martian rockers. With Dylan Wood, Quinn of the Wild Land and Nic Gilbert.
809 N Cayuga St • 1 PM

The Wild Machine – Sebastian Aceto improvises using Little Bits synthesizers, creating experimental noises. Who knows what will happen?
211 Willow Ave • 4 PM

WonderMonday is a four piece artpoprock band. (Art) because the songs use chord progressions that reward the ardent listener, (Pop) because the pieces are relatively short in duration and (Rock) because we’re plugged in and like to celebrate a sense of drive now and again. Members: Zach Rohrer, Paul Kempkes and Michael Decatur. All original works.
601 N Cayuga St • 4 PM

Woof! spawned in the corn rows of Lansing, N.Y., plays original tunes and puts new spins on songs by the likes of the Rolling Stones, James Taylor, and the Dead. Members are: Tom Hendrie, Adam Abelson, Phil Emerson, and Rick Triant
104 E Jay St • 3 PM

You Still Have Friends is the solo ambient/experimental project of Jasper Minson. Yshf takes influence from breakbeat electronica and space rock and combines it into a hypnotic sound that emphasizes repetition and texture. For porchfest, Jasper will be performing a stripped down and mostly beatless set of improv ambient music.
1112 N Tioga St • 5 PM

Zachary Alexander Kozlowski (Zak) will play Porchfest for the first time since playing with his small band, Rune Hill Revival. He is excited to play on his new porch and hopefully with some old friends accompanying. Come Smile!
507 Utica St • 1 PM

Zero Mean – normally a hybrid of fuzz, post-punk, noise-rock and shoegaze. Now re-imagined and stripped down for the oncoming fall.
BandCamp/ | SoundCloud | Facebook
611 N Tioga St • 3 PM