Street Closings for Porchfest 2015

See below for a map, or download a printer-friendly version here.

All of Utica Street will close to vehicular traffic this year, so the street can function as a pedestrian and bicycle thoroughfare during Porchfest. All pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to use Utica Street to move north and south through the neighborhood between performance locations, to ease overcrowding on Cayuga, Tioga and Aurora streets. Other small sections of street will be closed as follows:

E Jay Street, from Cayuga Street to Tioga Street
Linn Street, from King Street to Tompkins Street
Cascadilla Avenue, from Cayuga Street to Tioga Street
• from Lake Ave and Yates Street to W Marshall Street and Cayuga Street
Auburn Street from Tompkins Street to Yates Street
E Marshall Street, from Utica Street to Tioga Street and Tioga Street to Aurora Street (Tioga remains open in between)


Porchfest 2015 street closures map

Porchfest 2015 street closures