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All You Need To Know About Porchfest 2015!

Everything you need to know about Porchfest 2015:

Porchfest, as most of you know, is tomorrow, Sunday, Sept 27, from 12-6 PM. We wanted to make sure everyone has all the information they’ll need to have a great time! Please share this with anyone you may know who’s coming from outside the neighborhood.

* Who’s performing, where and when?
Performer list + descriptions:
Schedule by time + interactive map:

We will also, as always, have printed map + schedule booklets available for free at Thompson Park, as well as the former Neighborhood Pride site at 210 Hancock Street.

And you can check the schedule on your phone! Go to for a mobile device-friendly version.

* Will there be anything to eat?
You bet! See the many options here:

* What about restrooms?
Tabernacle Baptist Church, at the corner of Cayuga and Lincoln streets, will make its restrooms available to the public for the duration of Porchfest. Additionally, there will be port-a-johns at the following locations:
– Thompson Park
– 210 Hancock Street
– 920 N Cayuga St (at Jay St)
– 202 E Falls St (provided by Northstar House)

* What streets will be closed?
We’re closing all of Utica Street this year, so it can act as a thoroughfare for pedestrians and bicycles. We strongly encourage all Porchfest attendees to use Utica to walk/bike through the neighborhood as much as possible, to ease congestion on Cayuga, Tioga and Aurora streets. (And if you normally park on Utica Street, we suggest moving your car Saturday night; volunteers will be available to escort vehicles out of the closed areas, but it’ll be slow going.)

Additionally, the following sections of street will be closed to traffic::
– E Jay Street, from Cayuga Street to Tioga Street
– Linn Street, from King Street to Tompkins Street
– E Marshall Street, from Utica Street to Tioga Street and from Tioga Street to Aurora Street (Tioga will remain open in between)
– Cascadilla Avenue, from Cayuga Street to Tioga Street
– from Lake Ave and Yates Street to W Marshall Street and Cayuga Street
– Auburn Street from Tompkins Street to Yates Street

You can see a map of these street closures at

* Where can I buy a t-shirt?
T-shirts — which include the names of all performers, as well as this year’s lovely Porchfest artwork — will be available at our information booth in Thompson Park. We don’t make a ton of them, so get yours while they last! All profits go back into making Porchfest happen.

And hey, while we’re on the topic: donations are welcome too. Porchfest’s expenses include insurance, permit fees, map printing, t-shirts for volunteers, truck rental to set up traffic barricades, supplies for sign painting, and more. Nobody involved in organizing Porchfest makes a dime, and in fact, we’ve wound up making up the difference when Porchfest falls short. So if you’ve got a few extra bucks to throw in the hat, we’d very much appreciate it. There will be a donation jar at the info table, or you can pay with a credit card or bank account via PayPal at

* Whom can I contact if there’s a problem during Porchfest?
Is someone playing too loudly? Playing outside their scheduled time, and conflicting with other performers? Issues with traffic barricades? If you need to reach us during Porchfest, you can email or call/text this number: 607-269-5106. Any method will reach all three of us, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. (Texting often works better than calling, as we’re out enjoying the music too, and sometimes it’s hard to hear or speak during a performance.)


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