Porchfest 2016 Musicians

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The 18 Strings Of Luv
4pm • 105 King St
The 18 Strings of Luv is Jan Nigro, John Simon and Ken Zeserson playing Beatles, Byrds, Motown and other critters from the 60’s with shimmering harmonies over a bed of interweaving acoustic guitars.

About a Harp
4:20-5:00pm • 702 N Aurora St
Folk and Classic Rock on the Harp.

The Accords
5pm • 308 Utica St
The Accords is five voices and no instruments. Two men and three women singing popular songs from the 50s and 60s in street corner style.

Acoustic Rust
3pm • 612 N Cayuga St
Acoustic Rust is made up of guitar from Bugs and Kat, Henry on the stand up bass and Steve rocking the kit with a blend of new and old folk, rock and indie music, as well as enough Neil Young tunes to stay true to the rust. Tightly blended harmonies and songs that will never fade away.
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Ageless Jazz Band
2pm • Thompson Park
We’re the Ageless Jazz Band, a CSMA jazz ensemble under the expert direction of saxophonist Nick Pauldine. The band includes a full complement of saxophones, trumpets, and trombones, a swinging rhythm section and sizzling vocals. Performing the legendary tunes of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Glenn Miller and other giants of Big Band Jazz, our music is timeless and loved by dancers and music lovers of all ages.

Alan Rose
4pm • 1102 N Cayuga St
Alan Rose is the songwriter over the 12-String Edge! Sometimes the leader of the 9-piece band Alan Rose and the Restless Elements, he will be appearing solo at this year’s Porchfest. His songs will stick with you while you wander the neighborhood.

Alex Specker and Friends
1pm • 611 N Aurora St
Alex Specker on guitar, Harry Aceto on bass, and a guest or two, playing an instrumental mix of swing, latin jazz, blues/R&B. Danceable and “sit-down listenable.”

Alt-Ac Quartet
3pm • 413 N Cayuga St
Alt-Ac is a string quartet made up of graduate students Elisabeth Strayer, Hao Shi, Walter Fu, and Stephen Kim. Since late 2015, they have been playing both pop covers and classical music together, ranging from Beethoven to Beyonce.

Andrew Alling
2pm • 511 N Aurora St
His music speaks of politics, love, hardship, truth, adversity and hope.
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Ann Warde
12pm • 209 E Jay St
Beautiful Sounds: Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano (1946-48), by John Cage, performed by Ann Warde. The piano preparations (nuts and bolts between the strings) create unexpectedly inviting, gentle buzzes, bells, resonant gongs, and extended piano sonorities.

Anna O’Connell
3pm • 206 E Jay St
Anna O’Connell presents inventive folk-pop on her harp, accompanied by luscious strings that bring to life an exciting tonal world.
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Arthur B and The Planetary Mix
1pm • 117 E York St
Original Old School New School Future School R n B! Arthur Bakert, Karen Wyatte, Angie Beeler, Snowy LaJoie, and Corey Kunzman are dedicated to bringing on the good vibes! Their soulful, danceable, songs are new and fresh, but leave you wondering if you’d heard them before.

Auntie Emo’s Ukulele Showcase
5pm • 204 W Yates St
We showcase the ukulele in combos from solo to ensemble, and welcome players from Ithaca Ukes, Hickey’s Uke Circle and the Kendal Uke Players. With guest appearance by the Hula Hut Polynesian Dancers.
Ithaca Ukes Facebook | Ithaca Ukes Website | Hickey’s Music Center Uke Circle

Auntie Emo’s Ukulele Workshop
3pm • 204 W Yates St
The little ukulele climbs every mountain, fords every stream, exalts every valley. AND now, it takes us over the rainbow. You’ve heard Bruddah Iz’s version of “Over the Rainbow” … Auntie Emo will teach the chords and coach the strum. Beginners and those who already know some chords are welcome. Possible guest appearance by the Hula Hut Polynesian Dancers
Ithaca Ukes Facebook | Ithaca Ukes Website | Hickey’s Music Center Uke Circle

Austin MacRae
4pm • 703 N Cayuga St
Austin MacRae is an Ithaca singer/songwriter who writes contemporary folk music. He has recently showcased his music at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and Ithaca Festival. His first album, Bats in the Attic, won a 2016 Syracuse Area Music Award for best folk album.
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12pm • 608 Utica St
Willie B (Brian Wilson) and Matt Saccuccimorano (Matt Saccuccimorano) improvise drum set duets for you and your family! Sure you make you rethink everything.

Bert Scholl & Friends
2pm • 912 N Cayuga St
If you don’t know Bert, he plays mainly original classic Honky Tonk and Outlaw Country with a rigor and authenticity not often found in these parts. With his deep, powerful baritone voice, Bert spins tales of murder, love, crime, pain, exhilaration and salvation.
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Bethel Grove
3pm • 116 Cascadilla St
Bethel Grove is a group of musicians who play each week at Bethel Grove Bible Church. Our music consists of a mix of sacred/rock/folk tunes that desires to encourage as it speaks to the joys and trials of life.

Better Weather String Band
12pm • 202 2nd St
Better Weather features Lloyd Graves on banjo,Laura Taylor on fiddle/mando, Valerie Graves on guitar, and Scott Nissenson on acoustic bass.

Brookton Bridge
3pm • 711 N Tioga St
Brookton Bridge plays original passionate + savory alt-folk-rock with a world beat twist. A truly unique sound — with vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo, ukuele and melodica — all backed by electric bass and congas. Toe tapping & smile inducing.
Website | Facebook

Burns And Kristy Band
5pm • 116 Cascadilla Ave
Fine Singer/ songwriters, Terry Burns and Ron Kristy with their wonderful band will fill your heart and get you moving. /// Rich DePaolo, Doug Robinson, Janet Cotraccia and Bill King. /// Beautiful material, vocally rich.
Website | Facebook | YouTube

Cayuga Chimes
2pm • 404 N Cayuga St
Cayuga Chimes is a women’s a cappella chorus that performs songs from several different genres in 4-part harmony including doo-wop, barbershop, jazz, and spirituals. The Cayuga Chimes was formed nearly 40 years ago, and its members’ dedication to vocal group harmony continues to bring entertainment to the Ithaca community.

Cielle and All Sounds On
5pm • 713 N Aurora St
Cielle and All Sounds On play all original music in the bluesy, acoustic style. Lead guitar and violin are accompanied by upright bass, rhythm guitar and percussion. You’ll remember the lyrics long after you’ve heard these songs.

Circus Culture
1pm • 401 Linn St
Circus Culture is Ithaca’s very own circus school. We believe in dedicated play, creative physicality, inclusive community, and bringing circus to every nook and cranny of our amazing little city!

Comfort Ave
2pm • 203 Auburn St
Comfort Ave is an aggressive roots rock band that plays original songs by strummer and lead singer Elijah Cardona. Percussionist Melissa Murphy and bassist Senny Stevens provide deep, syncopated beats while lead guitarist Craig Frey weaves tonal textures on top.
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Commons Crossing
2pm • 610 N Cayuga St
Commons Crossing is a modern guitar and cello duo that features Alejandro Cortese (guitar and vocals) and Joe Sliker (cello). Commons Crossing’s americana style draws from genres ranging from indie folk to gypsy jazz.

Cornell Gamelan Ensemble
3pm • 318 Lake Ave
The Cornell Gamelan Ensemble plays various styles of gamelan — the term for ensembles of bronze gongs and metallophones, with assorted other instruments — but focuses primarily on that from Central Java. Founded in 1972, it consists of Cornell students and faculty, as well as members from the Ithaca community and beyond.

Cornell Ukulele Club
1pm • 100 Franklin St
The Cornell Ukulele Club is a group of Cornell students who play a variety of music genres using ukuleles and percussion instruments. The club was established in 2011 and works to spread the joy of ukulele music by teaching new players and performing at events across Ithaca.

Craig Frey
5pm • 203 Auburn St
Craig plays acoustic classic prog rock.

Crown City Brass
12pm • 104 Adams St
The Crown City Brass Quintet, under the direction of Mark Baxendell, has been performing around the region for over a decade now. Playing a full gamut of music from classical to jazz to popular music, CCB Quintet entertains listeners of all ages. Crown City Brass is made up of six players: Mark Baxendell on Trumpet,Mike Poole and Phi Rumsey on Trombone, Liz Eleck on FrenchHorn, Eirc Walkins on Tube, and David Syracuse on Drums.

3pm • 410 Madison St
Cubbage, former IC student, hails from Philadelphia, but his heart is that of a traveler. With music rooted in pop/folk foundations, his style also seeks inspiration from jazz and soul reminiscent of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. Traveling across the US in a sleeper van and busking on the streets between gigs, Cubbage has given himself wholly to a life of a modern bohemian musician.
Website | Facebook

CUMEME (Cornell University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble)
2pm • 202 Utica St
The Cornell University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (CUMEME) is a Cornell University Student organization. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and Ithaca community members. /// CUMEME performs traditional Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Greek and other music from the Middle East (aka Near East).
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3:00-3:40pm • 702 N Aurora St
Darkwine features Kelly Serbonich on vocals, Jay Skezas on guitar,fiddle, and vocals, and Kevin Moss on guitar, keys, and vocals. This trio has branched off from their larger band, The Uncommons, to bring listeners a softer side. They feature music from the likes of The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and Kansas, as well as original songs.
Website | Facebook

The Darts
1pm • 112 W Marshall St
The Darts are an all-originals band that hail from the Ithaca area. Their 5-piece sound is essentially comprised of guitars, drums, bass and vocals. While their music is original, their influences are familiar, and range from the Jayhawks and REM to the Beatles and The Band, from Dawes and Pink Floyd to The Guess Who and Motown.

The Grady Girls
4pm • 105 Second St
Toe tapping, heart lifting, subtle and smiling, The Grady Girls breathe new life into timeless Irish dance tunes. Family ties are important to these women who have traveled far and wide (Cork, Limerick, Spain and beyond) to study and perform the traditional music of Ireland, music that has been an integral part of their lives since day one.
Facebook | SoundCloud

David Graybeard Band
3pm • 202 Utica St
The David Graybeard band composes, arranges and performs original music with blues and folk roots. Songs range from ballads to both serious and light-hearted social commentary. All our music is personal and from the heart.

2pm • 410 Madison St
DEL MANKS is a solo performer with influences of vocal music and electro-soul.

DeWitt Brass Quartet
12:30-1:00pm • 306 N Aurora St
The DeWitt Brass Quartet is a group of dedicated 8th graders from DeWitt Middle School. They are Jonas Heimbecher, Larsson Wing, Zeke Lawrence and Claire Myers and especially enjoy playing classical literature together. They’ll be playing Handel, Bach, Mozart and some other surprises at Porchfest.

Diamonds in the Rough
12pm • 313 Utica St
Diamonds in the Rough are three voices which shimmer when they sing together. Jim Blake, Pamela Goddard, and Glenda Blake perform “Free-range” folky a cappella. They’ve been singing together for well over ten years and their sound is warm and solid.
Website | Facebook

Diana Leigh & the Savoy Stompers
1pm • 442 N Aurora St
Diana Leigh & the Savoy Stompers are a jazz dance party band that plays swing and rhythm & blues classics. Featuring the solo saxophone work and arrangements of Jesse Collins, and Leigh’s sparkling vocals, Diana Leigh & the Savoy Stompers create a toe-tapping good time that will knock your socks off!
Diana Leigh Website | Jesse Collins Website

Dickie Starfish Allstars
4pm • 406 E Marshall St
Four guys with a chronic inability to agree on a set list make for an eclectic and entertaining show.

Djug Django
4pm • 219 Auburn St
Djug Django wanders away from their nest in Lot 10 Wednesdays 6-9 to play Ithaca’s favorite Gypsy jazz/jug/swing/blues/Latin and original and always fun music! Come and dance!

Domestic Duo
3pm • 412 N Aurora St
Max is a power drummer and Dezmond is a rising virtuoso on the axe. They have been jamming together in the basement of this building and make their debut on the porch

Doolin O’Dey
12pm • 102 Hancock St
DOOLIN O’DEY brings you a fresh take on Celtic Music. Featuring fiddles, whistles, uilleann pipes, guitar, bodhran, and piano, the band brings you a wonderful repertoire of both traditional as well as original tunes from with Celtic tradition. Now in their 6th year, Doolin O’Dey brings you music to remember!

Dr. K
2pm • 610 E Marshall St
All my favorite songs by Steely Dan, Supertramp, Springsteen, Joni MItchel, to The Ramones.

Dusty Charts and his Peripheral Visions
2pm • 611 N Tioga St
Guitar and vocal loops mixed with hook-centric, reverberated fuzz.

3pm • 117 Farm St
eCoArise is the original acoustic music of Eric Banford. His music reflects his personal journey as a human deeply passionate about connecting our past, present and hopeful future. His personal yet universal songs touch a vein from our collective unconscious, bringing to light words and emotions that each of us knows, yet many have forgotten. Come listen, and perhaps remember a little more of who we are, and what we can be together.

El Caminos
2pm • 1103 N Cayuga St
Performing mostly original material, El Caminos are a soundtrack for the truck stop in anywhere USA. Scorching guitars, broken hearts, crooning vocals, & stories of small town life turned upside down all come together to create an atmosphere that can only be described as all-American Country-Rock”

Ella Sarachan
1pm • 1112 N Tioga St
Ella Sarachan- Ella is an Ithaca College student who will be singing in her sixth Porchfest. She sings jazz tunes, primarily from the Great American Songbook, and is backed up by Professor Tuesdays Jazz Quartet.

5pm • 919 N Tioga St
ephemera is music in the moment, for the moment. we create spontaneous melodies and rhythms that inspire storytelling, songwriting, and soundscapes, and may even inspire you to sing along.

The Fall Creek Bluegrass Partners
5pm • 306 E Yates St
Porchfest favorites The Fall Creek Bluegrass Partners will entertain you with original compositions and standards borrowed from bluegrass, country, and the Grateful Dead — all done bluegrass style! Come hear songs sung in two- and three-part harmony and music played on banjo, guitar, dobro, bass, mandolin, and fiddle. Band members may or may not include John Marohn, Rob Steuteville, Robin Steuteville, Jeff Lovell, Phil Robinson, Mark Eginton, and special guest Jacob Harrell.

Fall Creek Brass Band
2pm • 432 N Tioga St
Fall Creek Brass Band is an ever-changing collection of the best horn players and drummers Tompkins County has to offer, providing the region with music to smile, laugh, dance, and sing to.
Website | Facebook

Fall Crikkers Jug Band
3pm • 219 Auburn St
Joined by several friends, The Fall Crikkers play a versatile and charming set of jug band, swing, originals and dance music from all over. Come and dance!

The Fauxs
3pm • 516 Linn St
The Fauxs are a cellist/singer, and guitarist/pianist/singer who play “faux crock.” We are hoping to add to our line up for Porchfest. We play an eclectic mix of mellow, acoustic-oriented covers with some originals. Formerly a six-piece band, this is a reunion show as the cellist has been in Africa for over a year. It’s gonna be a little rusty (and rustic?) but we’re gonna have fun!

Finger Lakes Pipes & Drums
5pm • 104 Adams St
The Finger Lakes Pipes & Drums is a local group of friendly folks who play the Great Highland Bagpipes (and a variety of drums) in festivals, parades and competitions year-round. Come by to hear us play, or sign up to learn bagpipes yourself!
Website | Facebook

12pm • 308 Lake Ave
A striking female vocal trio, Five2 captivates listeners with lush three-part harmonies and poignant songwriting. With Uniit Carruyo, Charisse Lucente, Yvette Lucente, Brian Dozoretz, and Dana Billings

FLX Space Tribe
3pm • 317 Auburn St
FLX Space Tribe members Wil Burns, Maggie Passmore, Rick Triant, Rich Ross, and David Roth enjoy jamming to their originals, as well as Dylan and the Dead.

the Fly Rods
2pm • 412 N Aurora St
Somewhere between the Grateful Dead and the Ramones, the Fly Rods sound like neither of those bands. They mix a variety of rock styles that ends up sounding somewhat like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, with many songs offering commentary on our times.

12pm • 421 N Aurora St
Four old guys and one girl play the music you would have heard on a classic rock station in 1984 (or so). Begun as a “poker night” band, we’ve been well-received by the denizens of Flynn’s Roadhouse and the King Ferry Hotel.

5pm • 210 E Marshall St
Gadje plays Gypsy inspired original rock. Their high energy, wild and romantic music is perfect for dancing in the streets.

George Prounis
1pm • 317 Utica St
George Prounis is a singer-songwriter who sounds like a baritone Neil Young, or a morphine soaked, dark-souled Gordon Lightfoot. George has been writing original music since 2003. This will be his fourth Porchfest performance in Ithaca.

Ghost Life
1pm • 118 Cascadilla Ave
All original psychedelic folk rock tunes played by a group of local musicians that work at Mercato Bar & Kitchen and Le Cafe Cent-Dix.

Glacial Erotics
1pm • 421 N Aurora St
Occasionally confused with Dead Kennedys, the Clash, and Talking Heads, the Glacial Erotics play original tunes about good people, bad people, the surveillance state, the human condition, flamingos, parties, nighthawks, cops. (were)wolves, eminent domain and recreational activities. they also enjoy cheap, sweet red wine and long walks on the beach.

3pm • 912 N Cayuga St
GoGone’s music is both joyous, and heartbreaking; moving from soulful ballads of betrayal to raucous stories of adventure.

Good Luck Mountain
2pm • 108 Auburn St
Categorized under “Alternative” for conveniences only, Good Luck Mountain covers musical territories ranging from folk and blues to rock, soul, and ambient. The songs are concerned largely with spiritual matters…life and death. An art project in memory of a great musician and friend.

Grand Turk
3pm • 608 Utica St
Steve Gollnick (Hubcap, Mary Lorson), Chris Predmore (Fisher, Sunny Weather), Scott Seidts (Jo Jo, all around useful person) and Matt Saccuccimorano (Hubcap, his garage) play the rock music they thought up in their heads.

12pm • 614 N Cayuga St
Grassanova keeps the bluegrass tradition alive with tunes from Monroe, Stanley, Crowe, and Krauss, tossing in some Beatles, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd for good measure. Band members include Tom and Marie Quigley, Dave Raveon Richman, and Paulie Ray Fairbanks.
Website | Facebook

Grey Wolf Jam
12pm • 707 N Aurora St
Grey Wolf Jam does gritty versions of old R&R, Blues, Country and Standards from the 50’s thru 70’s. Vocalist Bob Eller, lead guitarist Larry Real, bassist Phil Jackson have been together for 2 years and are recently joined by Joey Dugan on harmonica and flute.

5pm • 502 Linn St
We are Gunpoets. Music and words are our weapons, and we fight for peace and love.

2pm • 321 N Tioga St
HAL is a folk rock guitarist who plays harmonica and sings and writes his own material. Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and John Lennon, HAL’s topical songs reflect on the perils of society. In addition, HAL likes to write catchy songs with deep lyrical meaning.
Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook

Head Band
4pm • 511 N Aurora St
Head Band is a trio. Members are Tom Sayers – Guitar, Scott Pardee – Bass, Ryan Silvernail – Drums

Hickey’s Rock School ‘Summer Rocks’
1pm • 104 Adams St
The Hickey’s Rock School ‘Summer Rocks’ band will be playing songs they learned this summer from many styles of ‘rock’ music.

The Hilltoppers
2pm • 710 N Aurora St
In the green hills and on the scenic shores of the Finger Lakes Region, The Hilltoppers, come together and play the music inspired by the warm vistas of the Blue Ridge and haunting silhouettes of the Great Smokey Mountains. Energy is what the hills have to offer and they have come down to share it with you. You know these songs, but not like this. Come on out and have a listen.
Facebook | ReverbNation

Honky Tonk Hindooz
4pm • 912 N Cayuga St
Comprised of upright bass, accordian, and guitar, the Hindooz play an eclectic blend of psychedelic garage country and weirdo rock and roll oldies from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.They specialize in original, countrified arrangements of popular songs by diverse artists, all in a jangly, swaggerly Roots-Americana stew. In this age of auto-tune and American Idol, the Hindooz are tenaciously dedicated to playing real, raw music with their signature swagger and hillbilly hypnotism.
Website | Facebook

ICO Brass Quintet
1pm • 711 N Tioga St
Consisting of members from the Ithaca Community Orchestra, this group plays a wide range of music: early classical, marches, opera overtures, folk song suites, musical soundtracks and ragtime. Formed in 2009, the ICO Brass Quintet has played concerts around town, including the Unitarian Church, Center Ithaca, Barnes & Noble, Autumn Leaves, TCPL, Ulysses Philomathic Library, Newfield Bicentennial Celebration, Finger Lakes Finns’ Midsummer event, Spencer Christ the King Presbyterian Church 200th Anniversary Concert and PorchFests 2012-15.

The Immortal Jellyfish
1pm • 612 N Cayuga St
Memorable jazz, country, Americana, rock and blues covers of Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton and more! Kat Patton (vocals), Mike Vitucci (guitar), Ken Zeserson, (sax) Chris Gibbons (bass) and Dan Lashkoff (drums). A favorite band of the Finger Lakes.
Website | Facebook

Insolent Cur
2pm • 104 E Jay St
Adam Abelson — Guitar and Vocals /// Eric Gervais — Bass guitar and Guitar /// /// Original songs and tasteful covers.

Isaac Sharp Classical Guitarist
5pm • 619 N Aurora St
Isaac Sharp, a graduate from the Eastman and Manhattan Schools of Music, plays an eclectic mix of traditional classical guitar repertoire and modern improvisations. Expect to hear at least a few works by J.S. Bach, Isaac’s favorite composer.
Website | Facebook

Ithaca Cats
3pm • 218 Utica St
Ithaca Cats is a bluegrass and folk duo on guitar and upright bass blending tight vocal harmonies and instrumentals, Father-daughter team Rob and Robin Steuteville are performing in their fifth Porchfest.

ithaca Free concerts
4pm • 611 N Cayuga St
ithaca Free concerts is a non profit that has a mission of providing free, live music to Ithaca’s children and their families without the expectation of traditional concert practices.
Website | Facebook

Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus
1pm • 930 N Tioga St
Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus sings music from a variety of musical traditions and genres. For Porchfest 2016 you’ll hear a capella selections.

Ithaca Talent Education Cellos
12pm • 1106 N Cayuga St
Suzuki-trained cellists of all ages from the legendary Ithaca Talent Education school perform with their teachers Zachary Sweet and Christine Lowe-Diemecke.

12pm • 1301 N Cayuga St
IthaCats plays vintage-style originals and classic rockabilly tunes from Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochrane, and the likes.
Facebook | SoundCloud

2pm • 814 N Cayuga St
IthSAMBAca is a small group of sambistas — singers and players of samba, Brazil’s “national music.” We hail from Brazil and the US, and have played together in different combinations for decades. Come ready to listen, clap, and dance!

Jai and Jonathan
5pm • 421 N Aurora St
Jai and Jonathan of Answer the Muse have been singing together since 1984. You will experience rich harmonies and deep grooves from their indie rock and folk originals and covers.
Official Site

Janet Batch
12pm • 909 N Cayuga
Janet Batch specializes in spinning tales with a twist! She is joined by Jen Cork (Jen Cork and The Good Hope), Matt Cowan (percussion extraordinaire) and maybe a surprise or two! Sweet harmonies, gritty lyrics, voice of the hills….
Facebook | SoundCloud

4pm • 100 Franklin St
The JazzHappensBand is a traditional jazz band featuring Jeff Dovi (trumpet), Mike Poole (trombone), Nick Pauldine (clarinet), Jim Overhiser (tuba), Robbert van Renesse (banjo), Steve Wilson (piano), and David Alexander (drums).

Jeannie Burns
4pm • 116 Cascadilla Ave
Jeannie Burns will perform songs from her cd’s “Lounge,” and “”Down the deep well”,” as well as a few cover songs.
Website | ReverbNation | Facebook

Jen Cork & the Good Hope
2pm • 102 Franklin St
Jen Cork & the Good Hope is an original folk-jazz outfit, featuring Jen’s smokin’ voice, Tim Ball’s creative fiddle accompaniment, and more!

Jennie Lowe Stearns and the Fire Choir
2pm • 308 Lake Ave
Jennie will perform with her long time band: Mike Stark, Matt Saccuccimorano, and Brian Dozoretz

Jesse Collins Quartet with Diana Leigh
4pm • 442 N Aurora St
The Jesse Collins Quartet with Diana Leigh is a modern jazz quartet with vocalist that plays the original music of Jesse Collins, and Collins’ arrangements of jazz and pop standards, featuring Leigh’s vocals and this exciting new partnership.
Jesse Collins Website | Diana Leigh Website

Joey Dugan
2pm • 212 2nd St
Original folksongs in various styles, often comic, romantic, sarcastic, or asinine.

Johnny Dowd and The Sex Robots
4pm • 304 E Marshall St
“Dowd has dusted off the same drum machine that was the bedrock of 1997 debut Wrong Side of Memphis, concocting tart rhythms and overlaying them with distorted bursts of guitar and busy electronica.” – Uncut Magazine

Jon Kaplan and Dexter Kozen
12pm • 402 Utica St
Jon Kaplan and Dexter Kozen are an acoustic guitar and vocal duo covering popular songs from the 60s to today, as well as a few originals.

Justin Friello
4pm • 802 N Cayuga St
Justin Friello is a singer-songwriter who writes thoughtful, emotional music. Inspired by hip-hop, chamber pop, and orchestral music, Justin’s original songs combine many different genres into a singular, unique sound. His most recent record, “Jack & Jill,” was released last month.
Facebook | BandCamp | YouTube

Justin Roeland
3pm • 617 N Cayuga St
Nightswimmers is the latest inception of Songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Justin Roeland, who recently made Ithaca his homebase.Roeland has gathered guitarist/songwriter Ryan Vanderhoof (Akron Family), Songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Harvey(Spoon) and drummer Matt Succucciamorano to round out the new group. The band meanders through genre lines and conjures shades of 60’s and 70’s folk/Rock/psych music.

Kats ‘N’ Janmmers
12pm • 218 Utica St
We are three Girl Scout adults who enjoy making music together. The songs we will share on auto harps, guitar, and recorders are some old Celtic tunes to listen to and some sing along songs.

5pm • 812 N Cayuga St
Kitestring is a 4 part, organic, alternative-folk collective featuring all original music with everything from soul to blues to folk to rock. It has once been said that their silky performances can hatch a full grown, healthy chicken from its egg. Impressive!
Website | Facebook

Laila Belle
3pm • 116 Cascadilla Ave
Laila Belle plays all original country music that rocks as much as it rolls. Amy Puryear sings songs of love and love lost, the road and coming back home… /// With Ward Puryear on electric guitar, Scott Nelson on bass and Chris Ploss on drums and harmony vocals.

Lately Music Ensemble
1pm • 218 Utica St
The Lately Music Ensemble is a group with vocal harmony and banjo, performing music dating from English ballads to contemporary originals. Despite their classical training, its members are veterans of the seminal Minneapolis punk/new wave scene of the late 70’s/early 80’s

Laura J. Peters
2pm • 114 Cascadilla Ave
Laura J. Peters is an acoustic singer-songwriter who hopes her music shines some light into dark corners. Her influences include Aretha Franklin, Motown artists, the Great American song book, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller, Sonny Landreth, Harry Connick, Jr., the Indigo Girls, Nora Jones.

LC Jones
4pm • 115 W Yates St
Folk Punk preformance, lyric heavy, folksy and melodic. I’m a new preformer trying to get a start. Music is hard to describe so come see for yourself.

LilySilly Puppets
2pm • 619 N Aurora St
LilySilly Puppets performs all ages puppet shows with live music and a whole lot of absurdity. See singing creatures, witches, wizards, and jazz standards sometimes slightly altered, and in different languages. Live music from classically trained Mathew Ocone.
Website | Facebook | Tumblr

The Local Farmers Union
3pm • 511 Willow Ave
The Local Farmers Union plays a mix of original music and a wide array of covers. Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass, and Percussion. Part Farmer-folk, part Jam Funkgrass.
Facebook | SoundCloud

Long John and the Tights
4pm • Thompson Park
Long John and the Tights is an old time string band from Ithaca, New York. We play dance music, fiddle tunes and songs inspired by American country music popular before it splintered off from Blues, Bluegrass and Rock & Roll. /// /// John Hoffmann plays fiddle, Randi Beckmann on guitar, Jim Reidy on banjo uke, and Sally Freund on bass.

Lucky Old Sun
5pm • 713 N Cayuga St
Shake a leg, lend an ear, or just roll around all day with Lucky Old Sun. With roots in rock, soul, folk, jazz, and gospel, LOS delivers a passionate original palate of 3-part harmonies and rootsy rock instrumentals.
Facebook | SoundCloud

Mad Cow Tippers
3pm • 1301 N Cayuga St
Along with their own brand of off-color original material, Mad Cow Tippers also perform a variety of covers from The Saddle Tramps, to Rev. Horton Heat and the Cramps, just to name a few. If you’re into the trailer park lifestyle; not afraid to date your kin; and remain faithfully unemployed, Mad Cow Tippers could give you the soundtrack that your life’s been looking for.
Website | Facebook

Mad Goat String Band
1pm • 615 Utica St
Mad Goat String Band is an old-time fiddle band playing songs and tunes in the Southern style. Bring your clogging shoes and dancing board! With Joe Hayward, Marianne Marsh, Jaden Gladstone, Nancy Spero, Tom Ruscitti, and Peter Fraissinet.

Maplewood Jazz Team
12pm • 916 N Aurora St
John Bailey, Jon Conrad and Lisa Fernandez bring you lovely jazz standards and bossa novas that will surely be delightful.

Marc Berger and RIDE
4pm • 611 N Aurora St
Marc has performed at Austin’s SXSW Music Festival and the Kerrville and Falcon Ridge Folk Festivals, and has opened shows for Bob Dylan, and other national acts. His song “The Last One” was a staple of Richie Havens’ concerts for over twenty five years. Inspired by Marc’s lifelong love affair with the American West, RIDE, his critically acclaimed current release, presents ten cinematic recordings capturing the West’s wide open spaces and timeless romantic allure.
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mary Mary
3pm • 520 N Tioga St
Mary Bentley, Eric Aceto, Doug Robinson, and Michael Wellen form a new band Mary Mary. Acoustic strings, Vocals and Drums, highlight our folksy, edgy, originals and our new takes on old favorites. This will our first porchfest as a group, but stay tuned for an album release this fall. We will be having fun, singing and playing for you at one the best free community events of the year!

Mathew Roth
12pm • 202 Utica St
Modern Classical composer Mathew Roth’s solo performance of “Circular Songs: Music for loopers.” Featuring Piano, Violin, and Synthesizers.

Matthew Ocone
1pm • 619 N Aurora St
Matthew Ocone is a guitarist who plays classical music, Spanish music, and Brazilian music. He also plays the music for LilySilly puppet shows.

Maud Powell and the Ites
1pm • 520 N Tioga St
Young string players trained in the Suzuki Method amaze listeners with an array of pieces from every century, performed with aplomb and panache.

Maxwell Eller
12pm • 432 N Tioga St
A solo experimental improvisation work by Maxwell Eller, 2-3 instruments, as well as a performance by the man himself.

Mike Treat and Friends
3pm • 1112 N Tioga St
Mike Treat is a local trumpet player and music teacher. He is joined by some wonderful jazz musicians to share some standard and original repertoire.

The Mockingbeards
4pm • 620 N Tioga St
The Mockingbeards are a 5-piece folk-rock band featuring violin, mandolin, guitars, and vocal harmony.

The MonkeySquids
2pm • 422 N Cayuga St
The MonkeySquids are back with their alt/rock/punk covers. Brothers Jasper (vocals) and Declan (bass)with brothers Quinn (guitar) and Aiden (drums) play the music of Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and others. Performing together since Fall Creek Elementary, The MonkeySquids are proud to be a part of Porchfest for the fifth year.
Website | Facebook

Mosaic Foundation
5pm • 513 Utica St
With a style as unique as its members are diverse, Mosaic Foundation is forward thinking reggae that stays true to the roots.
Website | Facebook

Music’s Recreation
12pm • 204 W Yates St
Music’s Recreation has been delighting Ithaca audiences for 20 years with innovative, theme-based chamber music concerts with commentary that opens up your ears.

Nate & Kate
5pm • 108 W Yates
Nate & Kate have played every Ithaca porchfest since it’s beginning. They play folksy original music on the guitar, cello, banjo, and harmonica and perform choreographed juggling routines for a little variety! Perfect show for the kiddos but fun for the whole family.

NEO Project
2pm • 104 Adams St
NEO Project is a seven piece, highly skilled dance band rooted in African-American funk music spiced with soul, jazz, rock & reggae. For five years, members Tommielee, Franklin, John, Chuck, Jimbo, Mike & Dwight continue to keep the pot fresh with their unique interpretations of classic and new melodies.
Facebook | ReverbNation

The New York Rock
5pm • 413 Auburn St
The New York Rock is a 5 piece rock band that brings cutting edge original rock and roll & a high energy performance giving people a big concert feel no matter how small the venue. Members Mike Brindisi, John O’ Leary, Chris Spadolini & Drew Serafini are very excited to be a part of such an original/awesome event such as Porchfest!
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Noon Fifteen
5pm • 607 N Aurora St
Noon Fifteen is a soulful, psychedelic pop/rock band that’s equal parts Lake Street Dive and Led Zeppelin. Their blend of rich vocal harmonies, vintage keyboard and guitar tones, and deep-pocket rhythm section support a repertoire of quirky, heartfelt original songs.
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Not From Wisconsin
4pm • 206 E Jay St
Not From Wisconsin plays original music that spans a wide gamut, from syncopated rock to quiet and meditative. “Not From Wisconsin is able by turns to sound as ticked off as Uncle Tupelo and as pensive as Mazzy Star.” — Ithaca Times
Website | Facebook

Opera Ithaca
1pm • 306 N Aurora St
Founded in 2014, Opera Ithaca produces distinctive and highly theatrical productions of diverse operatic and musical theatre literature as well as concerts, lectures and educational outreach events. Their gala season opener will be MASQUERADE on October 6 at CSMA.

Opus Ithaca Chamber Ensembles
5pm • 611 N Cayuga St
Opus Ithaca Chamber Ensembles include various small groups of young musicians, as well as some of our faculty, on a variety of instruments (string quartets, trios, and a flute ensemble) playing traditional classical, or fun arrangements of some rhythmical tunes. They are part of the Chamber Music Program at Opus Ithaca School of Music.

Opus Ithaca Jazz
5pm • 611 N Cayuga St
Opus Ithaca Jazz is a small jazz ensemble comprised of students and faculty from Opus Ithaca School of Music. They will play traditional and fun jazz standards.

Papa Muse
12pm • 109 W. Jay St
Papa Muse music is heart felt and passionate progressive rock and grunge with a taste of world music thrown in. Inspiring and personal lyrics that land, Papa Muse is fully exposed in this acoustic offering.
BandCamp | Facebook

Perry City 5
4pm • 811 N Tioga St
Perry City 5 is four guys from Perry City, Jacksonville, and Trumansburg who play classic and other rock. Members are Jeff Bradshaw, Peter Moses, Kurt Jordan, and Cameron Berger.

Pierce Walsh
2pm • 513 Willow Ave
Pierce Walsh, a singer songwriter will tell you a story about your own life ,seen through the lense of his own,with some strumming of guitars and the help of his friend T.

1pm • 102 Hancock St
PIPERVENTILARS is a traditional Irish Session that meets weekly at the Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar. We are all ages and stages…..playing Irish “trad” session style….spontaneous music lead by all in the group. It’s a great time for all…..come on over and share some Porchfest with us!

Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet
12pm • 1112 N Tioga St
Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet- playing mainstream jazz, has been playing every Tuesday in Ithaca since 2010, and features Peter Forlano on sax, Jerry Hilliker on guitar, John Sanderson on drums and Robert Sarachan on bass. Currently PTJQ plays in Ithaca every Tuesday evening at Madeline’s on the Ithaca Commons (8-10 pm) as well as other gigs throughout the area.

The Purple Valley
1pm • 1103 N Cayuga St
The Purple Purple Valley plays dancing blues, swing , country , and rock and roll.

Regina O’Brien with Charles d’Orban
4pm • 306 E Yates St
Regina is an Americana singer songwriter who is accompanied by Charles, her longtime musical partner. Regina is about to release her 3rd CD.

Rich Recchia and one friend
2pm • 106 E Yates St
Rich Recchia and his one friend Richie Holtz will play an entertaining and eclectic mix of silly song parodies and originals and pop/rock/folk music from the 60’s 70’s and beyond for omnivores.

Richie Holtz & friends
4pm • 307 Auburn St
Richie Holtz & friends have been playing together for years, at regularly-scheduled monthly Sings and other occasions. You are welcome to sing along with us!

Road Man
5pm • 617 N Cayuga St
Road Man is the solo project of Jon Petronzio (John Browns Body / Revision) which fuses elements of reggae and funk into a unique blend that can be described as nothing short of captivating. In 2015, his debut album “Light at the Speed of Life” was recognized by the Recording Academy in their official 58’th Annual Grammy Awards in two categories. Following this most unexpected honor, the message was clear that it was time to begin performing this music in a major way. In turn, Jon has collected some of the finest musicians to help him on this mission to deliver a powerful and unforgettable show.
Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Rungs
3pm • 432 N Tioga St
The Rungs is a fuzzy synth pop group that was founded in Ithaca, NY and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. They write bright fuzzy pop songs that will make you want to hop.
Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

12pm • 117 E York St
Sabbathwind is an eclectic singer-songwriter/composer who weaves together soulful, playful, rhythmic and ethereal melodies gifted to her from the joyfully peaceful Sonic Soundscape of Spirit to usher you on a journey of Conscious Creation. Sabbathwind. It’s not just a wind that blows by on the weekend.

Sadie Frederick
4pm • 412 N Aurora St
Sadie Frederick is a singer-songwriter from Florida. Her songs blend folk storytelling with alternative grooves.
Website | SoundCloud

The Sears Street String Band
5pm • 711 N Tioga St
Suzanne Schwartz and friends have been generating contra dance tunes from her dining room on Sears Street for a few years now. We play lively Scottish, Irish, New England Contra and Scandinavian tunes on acoustic stringed instruments.

Second Street String Band
5pm • 202 2nd St
Second Street String consists of friends from Ithaca and the Syracuse area who enjoy getting together to play tunes.

Seneca St. Recorders
1pm • 908 N Cayuga St
Seneca Street recorder players come together every week to share their interest in playing recorders together. We enjoy performing a wide range of music from very different traditions — Renaissance, folk, contemporary and more. /// Lots of different sized recorders with guest classical guitarist and percussionists.

4pm • 117 Farm St
Singledowt is a trio of young musicians playing mostly rock. The band is comprised of drummer Jack Reynolds, keyboardist Dancin Feldman, and guitarist Honor Meyerhoff.

Sixteen Feathers
12pm • 515 N Tioga St
Sixteen Feathers plays originals and covers in the realms of indie folk, alt.country, and acoustic blues.

The Small Kings
3pm • 112 W Marshall St
The Small Kings have been a constant in the Ithaca music scene since they formed back in 2004. Joel Blizzard, Mike Levy, Jeff McCaffrey and Frank Raponi play a blend of musical styles, all brought together with a common thread of vocal harmony and playful musical interplay. They love to improvise on stage… does this make them a jam band?

Spirit Speaks
4pm • 213 Second St
Spirit Speaks weaves unique Earth activism with scathing insight into passionate living. Sharing rich vocal harmonies, many forms of percussion and freestyle prayers, every performance brings joyful surprise..While weaving the leadership between original songs, the simple themes call us to awaken to rip a hole in the sky for the Lorax to return.

5pm • 407 Utica St
We have 2 hrs worth of original material that ranges from slow Phsycadelic songs to fun 2 min punkish songs. Also some fun covers like, me and Julio, cc rider and hey ya. We also have a studio album all original I can send you.

Stan Stewart
1pm • 509 Utica St
You may even hear a premiere included in this set of songs recently released by Stan Stewart. Ranging from danceable to ballads, this is truly a life story in song — written across his decades on this beautiful earth.

Stone Cold Miracle
5pm • 112 W Marshall St
Stone Cold Miracle plays uplifting, high-energy original soul music. Fronted by vocal sensation Trece Stevenson, the band also includes Dustin Stuhr and Nick LaVerne on guitars, Zaun Marshburn on drums, and Andy Adelewitz on bass.
Website | Facebook | BandCamp

Strumming and Blowing
3pm • 100 Franklin St
Carl (clarinet), Dave (tuba), Lesley (trumpet), and Robbert (banjo) playing old jazz favorites.

Suite 107
3pm • 216 Cascadilla St
Suite 107 first got together at Ithaca’s Jenkins Center for Hope and Recovery, where we host a weekly music group. (in the Jenkins Center’s Suite 107.) We consist of- Andrew Ginter, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals, Vasso Skezas, guitar, Thor Hubbell, rhythm guitar, Natalya Cowilich, Viola, ukelele, and vocals. We have been playing together for the better part of a year now, and can really “get a groove on”!

Sum Dude & Friends
5pm • 117 Farm St
Sum Dude & Friends — sharing varied aspects of love through songs that jam. Rock/Folk/Funk with improvisational jams.
ReverbNation | Facebook

Sundown Sally
3pm • 423 E Lincoln St
Sundown Sally is a 4-piece, Alt-Americana band. Soulful and heartfelt lyrics and songs are the original works and creation of local singer-songwriter Heather Boob. Drawing on strong influences of classic country and folk to rock-n-roll and pop, Sundown Sally traverses over these and back again, offering energizing, live performances that leave your heart bellowing with song.

Sunny Weather
4pm • 507 Utica St
Sunny Weather is A journey diving in and out of song and dance.

Suzuki Violin Studio of Angela Yantorno
1pm • 206 E Jay St
The young violin students of Angela Yantorno play from the Suzuki repetore and traditional fiddle tunes. The Suzuki philosophy is based on more than music instruction, it centers on developing a beautiful heart and strong character.

The Sweats
12pm • 115 Cascadilla St
The Sweats are a unified force of unionized groove rockers who seek harmony with the muse and all who dance with hearts unrestrained.
SoundCloud | Facebook

Tent Date
12pm • 716 N Aurora St
Like being lost at sea without sunscreen. On a sinking lifeboat with the shore in sight, We’re here to meet your reverb-craving needs, with thumping rhythm backing.

Tenzin Chopak & Nicholas Walker
4pm • 513 Willow Ave
Tenzin Chopak is a singer songwriter of what gets sometimes called progressive folk: dynamic, driving, stark, and devoted to beauty. At Porchfest he will be joined by some special musical friends, playing some new music, and having a very nice time.

3pm • 502 Linn St
Thaelo is an emcee and producer pairing intricate rhymes and deep-pocket grooves to create music for your mind and your soul. Featuring guest vocalists and instrumentalists to bring the boogie to a porch near you.

Third Story Band
5pm • 210 Utica St
Third Story Band is a classic rock cover band. We specialize in 60’s and 70’s music. Great set list of songs.

Thru Spectrums
12pm • 607 N Aurora St
Thru Spectrums is a unique tour de force of experienced musicians who combine rock and funk in a way that makes you want to dance all night long and sing the melodic grooves of each and every song. Join Amanda Massa (vocals), Joe Massa (guitar), Jesse Tyrrell (bass), Dan Collins (drums, vocals), Sam Lupowitz (keyboards, vocals), Bob McMahon (trumpet) and Alec Staples (saxophone) for a powerful musical journey.
Facebook | Twitter | ReverbNation | BandCamp

Tim Bang
3pm • 607 N Tioga St
Tim Bang is coming back to Ithaca from six months in Bangladesh where he was working on his newest album Street Noise. He plays an eclectic variety of music: everything from American folk to bossa nova to Bengali music.

Timothy Weber
2pm • 510 Linn St
Timothy Weber writes and sings his own contemplative songs about love and family and spirit and water.

12pm • 304 Linn St
Described by Dirty Linen magazine as having “a deep knowledge and love of the music and a palpable zest for playing,” Traonach plays Irish traditional dance music at its straight-ahead best. Comprising seasoned session players from across the U.S. who now reside in Ithaca — including several who’ve been playing together for more than a quarter century — Traonach includes Mark Bickford, Tim Ball, Harry Lawless, Cole Gruberth and Scott Whitham.

Travis Knapp
12pm • 519 Willow Ave
Travis Knapp is an uplifting banjo folk-soul songwriter and singer. He is often joined by multiple harmony singers and guest instrumentalists.

Tryin’ Joe and The Mad Scientist
3pm • 609 N Aurora St
Tryin’ Joe and The Mad Scientist is a songwriting and improvisation duo, combining acoustic and electronic musical elements. They’ll be strumming some catchy original tunes, while looping and sampling their way through the set.

Tyrannical Vegetable
3pm • 720 N Aurora St
Tyrannical Vegetable is a revolving mob of garage band musicians. We mostly play covers of rock tunes. Sometimes with an accordion or horn section!

The Uncommons
3:40-4:20pm • 702 N Aurora St
The Uncommons is a five member rock band (formerly known as 5 Mile Drive) featuring Jay Skezas on lead guitar and vocals, Kevin Moss on rhythm guitar, keys, and vocals, Ash Eastman on bass guitar, Jeff Goodmark on drums, and Kelly Serbonich on lead vocals. Their musical style includes original, energetic rock music, deep cuts from the ’60s, ’70s, jams a la the Grateful Dead, Phish, The Allman Brothers, and more!

Unitarian Universalist Ukulele Union
12:00-12:30pm • 306 N Aurora St
The UU Ukulele Union is an intergenerational group of enthusiastic players. They’ve been performing together for a couple of years and are always looking for new members. Check out their facebook page.
Website | Facebook

¡Viva Mayhem!
2pm • 401 Linn St
¡Viva Mayhem! is a high-energy eight-piece ska/punk band out of Ithaca, NY. They feature a four-piece horn section, three-part vocal harmonies, a tight driving rhythm section and grooving guitar. Their thoughtful and well-written originals (with a few unexpected covers) will keep you dancing and smiling from start to finish.
Website | Facebook

1pm • 710 N Aurora St
Whippoorwillow plays original tunes and covers, most of which fit into a Bluegrass/Folk genre when all is said and done. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass and three-part harmonies combine to span decades and styles, resulting in a sound that has been described as “Jane’s Addiction meets Old Crow Medicine Show.”
Website | Facebook

Whiskey Priests
4pm • 810 N Aurora St
The Whiskey Priests is a new two piece group of dudes influenced heavily by Cream, Queens of the Stoneage, The Growlers and Howlin’ Wolf, equally. Made of Nick and Jake, they met in college and bonded over a love of death metal. They’ve played many a burrito joint and house party.

wild sounds
12pm • 211 Willow Ave
Sebastian Aceto plays on his diy synthesizer making robotic sounds.

The Wolf Tones
4pm • 602 N Cayuga St
Sly pop/folk duo sing original tunes with harmonies.

1pm • 601 N Cayuga St
WonderMonday plays original artpoprock trio. (Art) because the songs use chord progressions that reward the ardent listener, (Pop) because the pieces are relatively short in duration and (Rock) because we’re plugged in and like to celebrate a sense of drive now and again. Members: Zaun Marshburn, Zach Rohrer, Paul Kempkes and Michael Decatur. All original works.
Facebook | BandCamp