2017 Performers

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The 18 Strings of Luv
5-6pm • 105 King St
John Simon, Ken Zeserson and Jan Nigro singing Beatles, Motown and other great tunes from the 60’s.

A and the B’s
4-5pm • 708 N Aurora St
A folky / bluesy / rock trio with a spiritual touch. Come smile and sing along.

A Fine Line
12-1pm • 202 Utica St
AFL is a five piece band playing originals and covers with our main focus on original songs. Groove rock with sax appeal.

The Accords
4-5pm • 308 Utica St
The Accords is five voices and no instruments. Two men and three women singing popular songs from the 50s and 60s in street corner style.

Ageless Jazz Band
2-3pm • Thompson Park
17-or-so-piece Jazz Big Band, great for listening and dancing

All Strung Out
2-3pm • 313 Utica St
4 member band includes two guitars, flute, harmonica, mandolin, hand percussion, bass Americana roots music and jazz.

Amongst the Monks
12-1pm • 104 Adams St
Incorporating a fusion of different elements of sound in order to create deep thoughts

Andrew Alling
12-1pm • 511 N Aurora St
Simultaneously performing guitar, organ bass keyboard pedals, harmonica (no looper)

Anna Coogan’s Amazing Students
1-2pm • 304 E Marshall St
Students from Anna Coogan’s vocal, guitar and songwriting studetns

5-6pm • 213 2nd St
Uplifting, original music

Arthur B and The Planetary Mix
4-5pm • 602 N Cayuga St
Bringing on the vibes with original, cosmic, funky soul

Auntie Emo’s Ukulele Showcase: Ukulelese as a Second Language
2-3pm • 204 W Yates St
The little ukulele climbs ev’ry mountain, fords ev’ry stream, exalts ev’ry valley. Here’s a sampler of ukulele players in Ithaca. And a Face in the Book: https://www.facebook.com/IthacaUkes/

Austin Wyckoff
4-5pm • 108 W Lewis St
Expressive folk, dark acoustic

4-5pm • 1101 N Cayuga St
Electronic, synthy flow and acoustic guitar by an 11 yr old homeschooler~

Bert Scholl
4-5pm • 912 N Cayuga St
Story-teller Outlaw Country

Better Weather String Band
1-2pm • 306 N Aurora St
Southern Appalachian old time string band with a friendly groove and tight harmonies

Big J Blues
3-4pm • 308 Lake Ave
With his custom Mississippi Drum Machine underfoot Big J plays the blues the way they were meant to be played…..from the gut! Support the Blues!

Bird-in-Hand String Band
12-1pm • 106 2nd St
We play old time music and Itish music on fiddle, banjo, guitar and hammered dulcimer!

2-3pm • 317 Auburn St
Bittersweet plays an eclectic mix of songs from country, folk, old-time, blues, and rock, a genre more recently known as Americana. Their focus is finding that (bitter) sweet spot where melody, harmony, guitar, upright bass and dobro meet.

The Blasts
1-2pm • 705 N Aurora St
The Blasts play classic era punk from the late 70’s and early 80’s. The Blasts’ show is packed with catchy and danceable tunes that capture the sound and spirit of real rock and roll.

1-2pm • 613 N Aurora St
If Satan and Jah had a baby, it would be Bloodbong. Black metal reggae. Maybe not for kids.

Bob Roberts Calamity
3-4pm • 1106 N Tioga St
Energetic acoustic rock/reggae/RnB

4-5pm • 616 N Aurora St
Sweet harmony and soulful story songs. We are a folk duo singing traditional songs of the 19th century, the singer/songwriter classics of the 20th century, and our original music of the 21st century.

Bronwen Exter
5-6pm • 608 Utica St
Alternative Rock

Brookton Bridge
4-5pm • 711 N Tioga St
Brookton Bridge plays passionate + savory alt-folk with a world beat twist.

Buffalo Horns of Ithaca
1-2pm • 611 N Cayuga St
French horn ensemble

Chenda Cope
5-6pm • Thompson Park
Influenced by the old-time, cajun and country music, Chenda’s original songs explore the same feelings of longing and search for home through strong melodies and sparse electric guitar.

Chimes of Bayonets
3-4pm • 611 N Tioga St
Unwound meets Hot Snakes quietly

Citizen O’Kane
2-3pm • 115 Cascadilla St
Citizen O’Kane is a two piece sub basement rock band.

Common Railers
3-4pm • 914 N Tioga St
Original indie rock and american roots music with upright bass, sax and accordion

Cookie Night Allstar Review
12-1pm • 117 Auburn St
Folk Soul Pop and more!

Cornell Ukulele Club
3-4pm • 100 Franklin St
We exist to promote the study and performance of ukulele music. We teach students of all experience levels, and bring our music to many events around campus and in Ithaca.

Cornell University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
1-2pm • 202 Utica St
Middle eastern music + dancing

3-4pm • 608 N Cayuga St
Rochester, NY based punk/alternative rock band with garage, skate, and surf influences. We play music, moms love us, and we have the world’s largest collection of bats!

Dances of Universal Peace
2-3pm • 298 Auburn St
Drawing on diverse wisdom traditions, the Dances blend chants and simple movements with live musical accompaniment into a living experience of peace. Please join our circle for this joyful spiritual practice; no experience necessary, just an open heart!

1-2pm • 111 Auburn St
An eclectic mix of our favorite classic and original acoustic songs, from the 60’s to today.

The Darts
12-1pm • 112 W Marshall St
The Darts have a rock n’ roll foundation and just the right amount of pop and alt country polish to make it all sound like a memory from the summer of your youth.

David Graybeard Band
2-3pm • 202 Utica St
Acoustic Americana, blues and roots music.

Dexter Kozen and John Parker
4-5pm • 209 Utica St
acoustic rock and pop covers

Diamonds in the Rough
5-6pm • 313 Utica St
Diamonds in the Rough are three voices which shimmer when they sing together. Jim Blake, Pamela Goddard, and Glenda Blake perform “Free-range” folky a cappella. They’ve been singing together for well over ten years and their sound is warm and solid.

Diana Leigh – Jesse Collins Duo
3-4pm • 442 N Aurora St
Vocal and sax. Bold, edgy, rhythmic!

Djug Django
5-6pm • 219 Auburn St
Ithaca’s long-time Gypsy-Jug favorite

1-2pm • 811 N Tioga St
Singer/Songwriters Drew Minson and Tracey Cucci team up on various acoustic instruments. Resonant harmonies highlight this combination of Drew’s musical story-telling Americana and Tracey’s soulful originals and Eilen Jewell style covers.

Doolin O’Dey
5-6pm • 102 Hancock St
DOOLIN O’DEY brings you a fresh take on Celtic Music. Featuring fiddles, whistles, uilleann pipes, guitar, bodhran, and piano, the band brings you a wonderful repertoire of both traditional as well as original tunes from with Celtic tradition.

Dusty Charts & His Peripheral Visions
12-1pm • 611 N Tioga St
Guitar and vocal loops mixed with hook-centric, reverberated fuzz.

12-1pm • 608 N Cayuga St
eCoArise is original acoustic music of Eric Banford that reflects his journey as a human deeply passionate about connecting our past, present and hopeful future. His personal yet universal songs bring to light words and emotions that each of us share.

2-3pm • 919 N Tioga St
we are a 7 voice a capella improv group, making music in the moment, for the moment

Fall Creek Brass Band
3-4pm • 432 N Tioga St

Fall Crikkers Jug Band
1-2pm • 219 Auburn St
has played everv porchfest with Joy-inducing foot stomping original and classic jug band tunes to whisk away your blues.

The Fauxs
2-3pm • 516 Linn St
Eclectic mix of Faux Crock covers with a sprinkling of original songs. Cello, guitar, keyboards, vocals. Cellist Christine D’s last show before leaving Ithaca!

Feed The Fire!
4-5pm • 115 E York St
“Feed The Fire” plays danceable groove-driven originals – and tasty covers. A little funk, reggae, soul and some edgy psychedelic rock – with killer female vocals!

the Fly Rods
2-3pm • 421 N Aurora St
Americana rock and roll (with a sprinkling of current social-political issues)

12-1pm • 421 N Aurora St
Four old guys and one girl play the music you would have heard on a classic rock station in 1984 (or so). Begun as a “poker night” band, we’ve been well-received by the denizens of Flynn’s Roadhouse and the King Ferry Hotel.

3-4pm • 423 E Lincoln St
Alt-country-folk, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, pedal steel and dobro

5-6pm • 1112 N Tioga St
GoGone plays original roots, rock & blues. Their music is both joyous, and heartbreaking; moving from soulful ballads of betrayal to raucous stories of adventure.

Good Luck Mountain
3-4pm • 108 Auburn St
Good Luck Mountain covers musical territories ranging from folk and blues to rock, soul, and ambient. The songs are concerned largely with spiritual matters…life and death. An art project in memory of a great musician and friend.

Gothic Fire
1-2pm • 412 E Yates St
The original troubadours. Medieval, Renaissance and Folk music played and sang on authentic instruments

The Grady Girls
2-3pm • 105 2nd St
Irish Traditional Music to warm the cockles and muscles of your heart.

Gray Wine
12-1pm • 713 N Aurora St
Just some kids that like making psychedelic, Melodic, Experimental, Original music

5-6pm • 502 Linn St
Hip hop with a positive message.

Hair Flip
5-6pm • 523 N Aurora St
Imagine the most majestic hair flip you can and set it to music. Hair Flip. Yes, we sure do play songs.

Hal Guitarist
4-5pm • 323 N Tioga St
Hal Guitarist is a folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Harry Nichols
5-6pm • 1110 N Cayuga St
Power pop that nests in your brain. It’s really not as painful as it sounds.

Head Band.
1-2pm • 412 N Aurora St
Funky, psychedelic, jazz-rock fusion trio.

Hee Haw Nightmare
1-2pm • 106 2nd St
Horse music

The Hilltoppers Bluegrass Band
5-6pm • 710 N Aurora St
The Hilltoppers play acoustic bluegrass with a modern twist. Their passion for the music is served up with banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle and stand up bass. With four lead singers and tight harmonies it is “bluegrass the way everybody likes it!”

ICO Brass Quintet
12-1pm • 711 N Tioga St
Formed in 2009, this group of brass players from Ithaca Community Orchestra plays a wide range of music: early classical, marches, opera overtures, folk song suites, musical soundtrack, ragtime and other popular pieces. Played in PorchFests 2012-2016.

The Immortal Jellyfish
4-5pm • 612 N Cayuga St
An eclectic mix of Motown, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Country driven by strong vocals and dynamic lead guitar. Always creative, often surprising, guaranteed fun!

insolent cur
2-3pm • 104 E Jay St
Original Americana, Blues, and covers we really like…and hope you do too.

Isaac Sharp – Guitarist
2-3pm • 619 N Aurora St
An eclectic mix of classical and contemporary guitar music. Maybe even a surprise or two…

Ithaca Cats
2-3pm • 218 Utica St
Rob and Robin Steuteville bring harmonies and instrumentals on double bass and guitar in the American roots tradition.

Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus
1-2pm • 920 N Tioga St
IGMC sings a wide variety of music for men’s voices a capella and with accompaniment.

Ithaca Underground: BRIAN!
4-5pm • 125 E Falls St
BRIAN! wield dynamic and complex compositions that pull influence from the Rock In Opposition movement, classical, jazz, prog, noise, and math-rock, all performed with a loud rock live intensity. – https://brianbassoon.bandcamp.com/

Ithaca Underground: Participation Trophy, Kyra Skye
1-2pm • 125 E Falls St
Participation Trophy – Sort of Folk, sort of Punk, and sort of okay with it.- https://participationtrophy.bandcamp.com/, Kyra Skye – Singer-Songwriter/Producer – https://soundcloud.com/skyewalker0

Ithaca Underground: SmaxKult, Robot Detective
3-4pm • 125 E Falls St
Smaxkult: Improvised looping brass doom – smaxkult.bandcamp.com, Robot Detective: Improvised afrofuturist modular synthesis – robotdetective.bandcamp.com

5-6pm • 1301 N Cayuga St
Original and vintage rockabilly.

Jane Doe Trio
2-3pm • 102 Hancock St
Celtic, American, Northern European folk instrumental music.

Janet Batch
12-1pm • 909 N Cayuga St
Like skinny dipping with a porcupine, you just don’t know what to expect with Janet Batch. Saucy? Down home? Planet Janet still has room for you! Country, folk, rock and roll!

The JazzHappensBand
5-6pm • 100 Franklin St
7-piece Traditional Jazz Band complete with tuba, clarinet, and banjo

Jen Cork
3-4pm • 523 N Aurora St
Whisky vocals, acoustic guitar, and original songwriting

Jesse Collins Quartet with Diana Leigh
4-5pm • 442 N Aurora St
The JCQ is a modern jazz quartet playing the original music of Jesse Collins, along with his arrangements of standards and pop classics. Guest vocals by Diana Leigh.

Jessie Gray
2-3pm • 514 N Aurora St
Jessie Gray is an ethereal indie folk artist with intention to channel the spirit of the wild heart.

Joe Gibson
2-3pm • 607/609 N Aurora St
Original songs featuring acoustic guitar, electric piano and lyrical vocal melodies.

Johnny Dowd
4-5pm • 304 E Marshall St
Nightmare Americana

Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis
1-2pm • 1110 N Cayuga St
Sweet, smokey rock and roll with soul and funk twists. Playing a stripped-down acoustic set for Porchfest!

Junkyard Theory
4-5pm • 711 N Aurora St
A mostly electronic husband and wife duo with live flute, vocals, and more. Its members are Emily Hoyt (of ¡Viva Mayhem!) and Shane Hoyt (Proper Philth.)

Justin Friello
5-6pm • 802 N Cayuga St
An acoustic singer-songwriter with an indie R&B bent brings upbeat tunes and soaring vocals to Ithaca’s streets!

Justin Roeland and Nightswimmers
3-4pm • 608 Utica St
Nightswimmers bridge genres and eras, tapping into elements of 60’s British folk/pop,70’s rock and 90’s to create a pleasant nostalgia.

12-1pm • 218 Utica St
Autoharps, guitars, recorders combined for easy listening and singing along.

4-5pm • 801 N Tioga St
Four piece band playing original music spanning genres from rock to blues to folk.

Kurt Riley
1-2pm • 112 W Marshall St
21st Century Rock and Roll.

Laila Belle
4-5pm • 608 Utica St
Laila Belle plays original sweet and classic country songs that rock as much as they roll. Amy Puryear will steal your heart with her beautiful vocals, while the band rocks on country style…

Lately Music
4-5pm • 118 Utica St

Laura J. Peters
1-2pm • 114 Cascadilla Ave
Soulful acoustic singer-songwriter tapping folk, blues, jazz and rock roots

Lazy Bones
2-3pm • 124 Sears St
Lazy Bones

Li’l Anne and Hot Cayenne
4-5pm • 914 N Tioga St
Li’l Anne and Hot Cayenne plays a spicy mix of zydeco, blues, and rock n roll with a dance groove that just won’t quit.

LilySilly Jazz
3-4pm • 619 N Aurora St
LilySilly Jazz are an experiement in music and puppetry, who perform an eclectic mix of songs accompanied by virtuoso nylon string guitar. Their repertoire ranges from jazz standards to quirky modern pop to European ballads in various languages.

Livestock Retention Issue
12-1pm • 104 W Tompkins St
Honest, heartfelt Americana/blues/pop duo/trio featuring acoustic stringed instruments and amplified enthusiasm.

The Local Farmers Union
2-3pm • 139 Linn St
Plant-based Veggie Folk

Logan Taylor
3-4pm • 1010 N Tioga St
Original music acoustic folk some covers maybe

Lucky Old Sun
3-4pm • 713 N Cayuga St
LOS is original rock, soul, jazz, folk, and good ol’ sunshine.

Luke G
2-3pm • 612 N Cayuga St
Acoustic Candyhearts tunes + obscure doo-wops & oldies

Mad Cow Tippers
4-5pm • 1301 N Cayuga St
Three piece band performing original songs. Genre of Comedic Cow Punk, Alternative Country/ Rockabilly

Mad Goat String Band
1-2pm • 615 Utica St
Mad Goat String Band is an old-time fiddle band playing songs and tunes in the Southern style. Bring your clogging shoes and dancing board! With Joe Hayward, Marianne Marsh, Jaden Gladstone, Nancy Spero, Tom Ruscitti, and Peter Fraissinet.

Maplewood Jazz Team
5-6pm • 202 Utica St
Sweet jazz standards, bossa novas and random lovely tunes.

Mary Bentley
2-3pm • 305 E Lincoln St

Maxwell Eller
1-2pm • 432 N Tioga St
Experimental avant-folk musician

Mijail Martinez
2-3pm • 117 Auburn St
Folk Rumba Singer-Songwriter

The MonkeySquids
4-5pm • 422 N Cayuga St
An Ithaca rock/alt/punk band playing covers and originals.

Mosaic Foundation
5-6pm • 513 Utica St
With a style as unique as its members are diverse, Mosaic Foundation is forward thinking reggae that stays true to the roots!

Music’s Recreation
1-2pm • 204 W Yates St
Music’s Recreation serves up a three-concert season of informal, family-friendly classical chamber music with commentary designed to open up your ears. We take the starch out of classical music!

NEO Project
4-5pm • 104 Adams St
Funked Up Jazzy Soul

New Motor Club
1-2pm • 717 N Tioga St
Garage/punk rock with Chicago attitude

Nobody et al.
2-3pm • 609 N Tioga St
Bluegrass/folk band composed of PhD students

Noon Fifteen
3-4pm • 1110 N Cayuga St
Mandy Goldman, Samuel B. Lupowitz, and Harry Nichols perform the prog-soul songs of Noon Fifteen, stripping down the arrangements to emphasize their rich vocal harmonies and earnest, often funny lyrics.

Not From Wisconsin
4-5pm • 206 E Jay St
Pop music with a serious edge. String arrangements swell around somber lyrics, buttressing compact song structures.

Off the Rails
5-6pm • 406 E Yates St
We are local Ithaca musicians who play soulful bluesy original tunes and some covers inspired by Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Sharon Jones and the Kings. At porchfest, we are going to be “unplugged” and have added some country songs to our acoustic mix but will maintain our funky flavorful style. Bev Fitzpatrick on vocals, Bernie Fitzpatrick on Guitar, Charlie Ciccone on stand up bass, and Roger Hecht on Drums.

The Original Cornell Syncopators
4-5pm • 100 Franklin St
An ensemble based at Cornell University specializing in Hot and Classic Jazz from the 1910s-1930s.

3-4pm • 814 N Cayuga St
Palonegro’s repertoire spans from rhythms of the South American Andes to Afro-Caribbean Music, salsa, and Latin Jazz. The set up includes drums, timbales, congas, piano, bass, clarinet, alto sax, vocals, and other horns.

Papa Muse
4-5pm • 617 N Cayuga St
High energy dance-able melodic rock, touches of prog blended with world music, catchy grooves and intelligent lyrics. Papa Muse offers an animated and fun participatory performance.

Paul Kempkes “Dr.K”
2-3pm • 104 E Marshall St
Solo guitar with attitude. Songs by Steely Dan to The Ramones

Paul McKai
1-2pm • 508 N Aurora St
A talented young musician offering up Beatles covers with a contemporary and youthful twist!

The Pelotones
12-1pm • 611 N Aurora St
Quartet-2 guitars, bass, drums playing swing jazz, R&B, C&W and great to dance to.

3-4pm • 102 Hancock St
A Tuesday night Irish trad session group! A circle of tunes led by one and all!!

Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet
12-1pm • 1112 N Tioga St
Professor Tuesday’s Jazz Quartet, playing mainstream jazz, has been playing every Tuesday in Ithaca since 2010, and features Peter Forlano on sax, Jerry Hilliker on guitar, John Sanderson on drums and Robert Sarachan on bass.

The Purple Valley
2-3pm • 1301 N Cayuga St
Dancing blues swing and rock an roll

Ray Ray
3-4pm • 210 Utica St
We play an eclectic mix of covers, Bob Dylan to LInda Ronstandt.

Regina Obrien with Charles Dorban
2-3pm • 306 E Yates St
Regina’s originals have Americana and pop attributes. Charles Dorban contributes lovely lead guitar to Regina’s live performances. Her three albums are available for FREE download on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/regina-obrien-584518068.

Richie Holtz and friends
1-2pm • 307 Auburn St
I (We) do an assortment of acoustic folk and rock tunes, sing-alongs, and, basically, fun music.

richie stearns and friends
4-5pm • Thompson Park
old time americana songer sing wroter

Road Man (SOLO)
5-6pm • 617 N Cayuga St
Road Man is the solo project of Jon Petronzio (John Browns Body / Revision) which fuses elements of reggae and funk into a unique blend which resonates and moves the mind body and soul.

Ryan Bruce Curtis and Kin Butterfalo
1-2pm • 519 Willow Ave
Celebration spirit anthems and medicine codes to the acoustic heart beat of the planet.

Ryan Newton or The Middle
2-3pm • 120 1st St
Aquistic Gitar or three pice band

12-1pm • 307 Auburn St
Sabbathwind is an eclectic singer-songwriter/composer who weaves together soulful, playful, rhythmic and ethereal melodies gifted to her from the joyfully peaceful Sonic Soundscape of Spirit to usher you on a journey of Conscious Creation.

San Fiasco
1-2pm • 611 N Tioga St
Melancholy dirges and apocalyptic jams from the former singer/guitarist of why+the+wires.

4-5pm • 317 Auburn St
Four piece electric local band, playing eclectic, originals.

Scratched Vinyl
12-1pm • 216 Queen St
Rock and Roll

Seeing Stripes
4-5pm • 412 N Aurora St
You know them, but you don’t. They are five muscae volitantes stretched into the ribbons of your periphery. Welcome to Mo’s. I can’t believe Daenerys’s dragons ate Jon Snow.

Seneca St Recorders
1-2pm • 908 N Cayuga St
Seneca St recorder players come together every week to share their love of playing recorder together. We play a wide range of music from Renaissance to folk, contemporary and more. With guest classical guitarist and percussionist.

Shikhar Bajracharya
3-4pm • 109 E Jay St
Loopy Singer/songwriter

Shinichi & the ITES
2-3pm • 520 N Tioga St
Suzuki violins and violas play with big heart and big tone!

Sixteen Feathers
12-1pm • 515 N Tioga St
indie folk, alt country, and acoustic blues

Snyder Hill String Quartet
5-6pm • 204 W Yates St
classical string quartet

Sophia Ruggiano
5-6pm • 519 Willow Ave
Solo artist performing with guitarists.

Spiral Cracks Performance Collective
5-6pm • 706 N Tioga St
Spiral cracks highlights the interconnection between each of us and our environments. Empowering people from all walks of life to create and be curious.

Spirit Speaks
4-5pm • 213 2nd St
Spirit Speaks weaves Earth activism with passionate and loving songs. Sharing rich vocal harmonies, many forms of percussion and freestyle prayers, every performance brings joyful surprise. We are ripping a hole in the sky for the Lorax to return.

Stan Stewart
3-4pm • 509 Utica St
Having just released his first album of songs, Stan Stewart is ready to share his life in songs with you. Maybe you’ll hear some of your own story, too.

Stone Cold Miracle
3-4pm • 112 W Marshall St
“Stone Cold Miracle is heavy. Heavy on the funk, the soul and the unyielding energy…. Live, the band brings an intensity and rawness that is honest and real.” – Ithaca Times

Stone’s Throw Creek
5-6pm • 306 E Yates St
Your friendly neighborhood bluegrass band formerly known as Fall Creek Bluegrass Partners. Come hear songs sung in two- and three-part harmony and music played on banjo, guitar, dobro, bass, and fiddle.

Stranded with a Kiss
3-4pm • 711 N Aurora St
Original Rock and Roll Band.

Sum Dude & Friends
3-4pm • 617 N Cayuga St
Sum Dude (Ross) is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitar player sharing songs wrought through love: love sought, found, lived, lost – love lessons, so to speak. Joey Arcuri on bass & Will Sigel on drums. Jon “JP” Petronzio & Dancin Feldman on keys. Sax? Pedal Steel?

The Sunny Weather
4-5pm • 507 Utica St
Acoustic electronic folk pop

Synthetic Music Collective
3-4pm • 818 N Aurora St
Analog electronic music.

Tarragon Duo
5-6pm • 619 N Aurora St
Eclectic music for violin and guitar. Classical, baroque, tangos, modern, etc…

Tent date
1-2pm • 716 N Aurora St
A polymerization of silk and cotton. Okay actually its a bit surfy with lots of reverb.

Tenzin Chopak
4-5pm • 513 Willow Ave
Indie Singer Songwriter/Snake Charmer

Teresa Bee
5-6pm • 117 E York St

There’s Always Room for Cello
12-1pm • 1106 N Cayuga St
Suzuki Cello students of all ages from the Ithaca Talent Education school look forward to sharing their music with the Ithaca community.

Third Story Band
1-2pm • 210 Utica St
Third Story Band plays popular classic hits from the 50’s to th 90’s. Playing porchfest since 2015, we will keep your foot tapping to our reproductions of classic rock hits,

Thom Dunn
4-5pm • 120 1st St
Acoustic-y Indie Power Pop about superheroes and American carnage

The Three Ravens
12-1pm • 106 Auburn St
The Three Ravens are s vocal trio with a flair for the spooky and dramatic. They perform an eclectic repertoire of classical, folk, and theater music, ranging from Shakespeare settings to music hall novelties.

Timothy Weber
12-1pm • 701 N Aurora St
Timothy Weber writes and sings his own secular hymns to heart and family and spirit and water.

Tired Hands String Band
3-4pm • 202 2nd St
A high energy string band playing Southern old time fiddle tunes and singing songs from a variety of folk traditions

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen
12-1pm • 314 Utica St
Original Folk, Blues and Improvisation

Travis Knapp
2-3pm • 519 Willow Ave
Uplifting original songs with clawhammer banjo and harmony vocals

The Troy Boys
2-3pm • 811 N Tioga St
The Troy Boys aim to encapsulate the music of the psychedelic pop/rock movement of the late 1960’s.

Tyrannical Vegetable
4-5pm • 720 N Aurora St
Tyrannical Vegetable is a revolving mob of garage band musicians. We mostly play covers of rock tunes. Sometimes with an accordion or horn section!

The Uncommons
5-6pm • 111 Auburn St
The Uncommons are an energetic, original band from Ithaca, NY. We play original rock music, deep cuts from the ’60s, ’70s, and some jams.

Unitarian Universalist Ukulele Union (UUUU)
12-1pm • 306 N Aurora St
The UUUU is a group of ukulele players affiliated with the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca. We welcome all ages and abilities with performances on Sunday morning, at the Ithaca Festival Parade, and wherever else a ukulele chorus is needed.

Vee Da Bee
3-4pm • 326 E Falls St
Yankee Swag with a Southern Sound. Alt R&B.

¡Viva Mayhem!
5-6pm • 104 Adams St
High energy avant-garde ska/punk from 8 charismatic musicians.

West Hillbillies
4-5pm • 106 2nd St
The West Hillbillies play old-time, Ithaca-style: a bit on the funky side of things, sometimes fast, and furious, sometimes laid back, but always finding the groove, and living in the moment.

2-3pm • 710 N Aurora St
Bluegrass from a 90s alternative rock perspective, and vice versa

2-3pm • 211 Willow Ave
Sebastian Aceto jams on his DIY synthesizer

1-2pm • 104 E Marshall St
Original ArtPopRock Trio

Yum Not Blat
1-2pm • 306 E Yates St
Jazz music by ithaca high school students.

Yvng Pluto
2-3pm • 323 N Tioga St
Yvng Pluto